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  1. Hi Anthony, I recently moved to Stokey and I was wondering if there’s a community forum where people share topics, sell/offer stuff, discuss

  2. Hi I conduct a womens group and we wish to have a picnic in the Park. Our women are from Turkey and they have traditional foods. we wish to use a cooking equiptmet which require flame. we wish to require your assistance and find out if we are able to light flame to use while cooking. or we can use a gas burner to cook the relevant product.

    1. Hello Hatice, You should speak to the Rangers who are based at Clissold house. My own opinion is that, if this is an informal picnic, you can’t use anything with a flame as barbecues are banned in the park. If you want to go ahead with hot food, speak to Hackney’s events office on 020 8356 4309 or email you can also get help by emailing Best wishes.

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