About this Website

This is, simply,  a Webpage for Stoke Newington.

Here we will put local events, community matters, politics and planning, sports and leisure activities, restaurants and shops, heritage and history.  This is your webpage and we will try to show anything you would like to have featured.  Please send us your news.

Under the “blog” tab you will find all the posts as they are posted

For anything that is fixed or permanent look under “Resources, Places and People*

Here you will find community groups, sport health, education and policing resources, classes and tuition, entertainment venues, shops, cafes and restaurants.

For things which are happening, events, news and comments, see  “Community”, “Entertaiment, Culture and Events” or “News, Comment and Politics”

Of course many things fall under several categories.

We do not accept advertising or paid-for entries and conversely we don’t recommend or guarantee anything we post. Posts are made in good faith as an information resource for the community. We often re-post photos or graphics from public sites but we do not intend to breach copyright or post other people’s property without permission. If we have done so, please contact us and we will remove it. Please see our disclaimer page for all the legal terms and conditions of using this site.

This website uses COOKIES. By using the website you agree to our use of COOKIES.  Please look at our cookie policy on our disclaimer page for more details.

We hope you enjoy using this site.

What’s Happening in Finsbury Park?

June 15, 2013

One thought on “About this Website

  1. This is just what Stoke Newington needs, something for everybody. I’m keen to check on musical events and am looking forward to getting involved myself. It’s useful to have a website concentrating on the local area.

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