At the REDMOND Centre

Xmas Redmond Pictures! Redmond Pictures with Flix in The Stix Xmas showings this December! Xmas Redmond Pictures This Saturday at 12pm come along and watch ‘Muppet Christmas Carol’ for free at the Redmond Community Centre. Come a little earlier to get yourselves some cinema snacks, all we ask is for a optional small donation. One … More At the REDMOND Centre

at the PARK Theatre

Knock knock. Who’s there? Peter Pan, Captain Hook, Allen Ginsberg & Stokely Carmichael here for Christmas dinner! The first show to feature ‘real’ flying at Park Theatre is now open! Never say Never(land) as J.M. Barrie’s original play Peter Panflies into Park200 this week. With Alexander Vlahos (BBC’s Versailles & Merlin) as the villainous Captain Hook and high-flying newcomer Nickcolia King-N’da as the boy … More at the PARK Theatre

Brexit and Immigration: Diane Abbott MP in Parliament yesterday

Diane Abbott Shadow Home Secretary:   The hon. Gentleman will know that when we leave the single market, freedom of movement falls. We said that in our manifesto and we are saying it now.   The available research confirms the salience of migration to leave voters. In June 2017, a report collated from the British … More Brexit and Immigration: Diane Abbott MP in Parliament yesterday