Hackney Council Meeting 20th July

The deadline for questions from members of the public is 12 noon TODAY, four clear working days before the meeting (Wednesday, 13 July). If you wish to submit a question you can do so by emailing governance@hackney.gov.uk or via the Council’s website

These questions have been logged by Councillors for the meeting:

Answers to previous questions from Councillors and the public can be found in the Council minutes HERE

6.1  Question from Cllr Anya Sizer to the Cabinet Member for Health, Adult Social Care, Voluntary Sector and Culture

Hackney Council’s Hoxton Street Market street market is a great place to buy food and a hub for the whole Hoxton community. But it has also helped tackle food poverty, accepting council food vouchers, such as Alexandra Rose Vouchers, for some of our most vulnerable residents in Hackney. Can the Cabinet Member with responsibility for food justice outline the other measures the Council has taken to address food poverty in our borough, what it is doing to fight for food justice for all, and the steps it is taking to make Hackney a Right to Food Borough?

6.2  From Cllr Garbett to the Mayor

Developers failed to bring forward a plan for the Morning Lane Tesco site and the agreement has expired, what is the latest plan for the site?

6.3  Question from Cllr Joseph Ogundemuren to the Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport

What will the Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport be doing to ensure the Council are requesting Transport for London provides full details of its equality and diversity impact assessments in relation to the proposed bus cuts and how these negatively affect Hackney residents?

6.4  From Cllr Garbett to the Mayor

The development of Ridley Road Studios has seen a loss of genuinely affordable studio space. Given how few artists are returning, what will you do to ensure Dalston remains a place for all artists, not just the ones who can afford to pay ever increasing market rent?

6.5  Question from Cllr Grace Adebayo to the Cabinet Member for Community Safety and Regulatory Services

The Mayor rightly condemned the distressing scenes around the police operation on moped crime that took place in Dalston in May. Can the Cabinet Member for Community Safety and Regulatory Services outline what engagement she has had to hold the local police to account, and what the Council is doing to restore trust and confidence in policing among local residents?

6.6   From Cllr Binnie-Lubbock to the Mayor

Following strong support of many members of this Council for recent RMT industrial action, what role do you see unions playing in the borough?

6.7  Question from Cllr Margaret Gordon to the Cabinet Member for Employment, Human Resources and Equalities

Would the Cabinet Member with responsibility for migrants and refugees tell me how the Council is responding to the Ukrainian refugee crisis, detailing how many Ukrainian nationals have settled into family homes under the Homes for Ukraine Scheme and what support they are receiving from the Council?

6.8  Question from Cllr Binnie-Lubbock to the Mayor

A recent report found that Hackney has 87 fire-risk buildings, this in the top three in London. What is the council doing to promote and ensure fire safety of residents living in these buildings with minimum disruption?

6.9  Question from Cllr Polly Billington to the Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport

The Council’s Cycling Plan sets out a vision for the borough with ‘the most attractive and safest roads for cycling in the UK.’ But for many of our residents, having access to secure and suitable bike storage is also a significant barrier to cycling. The Council has already responded to this issue by installing more cycle hangers. Can the Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport outline what more this administration will do to improve cycle storage across Hackney, and meet its manifesto commitment to help another 4,000 households who may lack the storage space at home to keep a bike.

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