At Cafe OTO

Amongst the shows over the next seven days, we’re thrilled to welcome back The Scorpios for a two-day residency! Hailing from Central Sudan and now based in London after fleeing the fundamentalist takeover in that region, the Scorpios are a band that melds Arabic rhythms and guitar chops (and a kind of swooning cyclical ecstasy) with a raw Eastern funk feel, properly dismantling cultural barriers in pursuit of a unifying rhythmic bliss. Supported by an international backing band heavy bass, synths, horns and percussions drive through traditional Sudanese forms to create a sound that owes as much to Detroit as it does to Khartoum. Mesmerising forward looking fusion.

Also this week, following on from the start of our ‘Bright Nowhere‘ series of concerts marking the 80th birthday of Eddie Prévost, we present a selection of some of the many incredible releases of his that we’re proud to be able to host on the website. Whether through his pioneering work with AMM, his long-running London Workshop group, his work with his own Matchless Recordings imprint, or his many collaborations – live and recorded – with the likes of Evan Parker, John Butcher, Joe McPhee, Derek Bailey, and Jim O’Rourke to name just a few, Prévost has had an incalculable impact on the fields of improvised and new music in this country and beyond.

Finally, a heads-up that we’ll be setting up shop at the Independent Label Market this Saturday at Coal Drops Yard, King’s Cross. We’ll have a selection of OTOroku releases including the recent Blue Notes reissues and more. Come down and say hi!

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