North East London NHS Covid Report

29 October 2021

Welcome to our fortnightly update on how the NHS across north east London (NEL) is responding to the Covid-19 pandemic and other news and updates.

People in north east London urged to protect themselves against Covid-19 as cases rise

There are still more than 600,000 people aged over 18 in north east London (NEL) who are risking their own lives and the health and safety of their closest loved ones by not getting fully vaccinated. In the 55 days between 1 September and 25 October, 152 Covid-19 patients were in intensive care beds in hospitals across NEL. Of these, 129 (85%) had not received two doses of the vaccine. The need to use intensive care beds for unvaccinated people means we cannot progress as rapidly as we would like with some really urgent other treatments, such as heart surgery and other life-saving operations

As well as offering first and second doses to unvaccinated people, the NHS began rolling out booster jabs last month at almost 100 sites across NEL. Boosters provide vital extra protection against Covid-19 as immunity reduces over time so it is crucial to come forward for the vaccine when invited. But anyone aged 50 or over who had their second Covid-19 jab more than six months and one week ago (before mid-April) should go onto the national booking service or call 119 and book their booster – even if they have not received an invite.

Covid-19 booster jabs are being offered to:

·         all adults aged 50 or over

·         those living in residential care homes for older adults

·         front line health and social care workers, and adult carers

·         all those aged 16 to 49 with underlying health conditions that put them at higher risk of severe Covid-19

·         adults who live with immunosuppressed people.

Covid-19 cases in north east London

The number of Covid-19 cases per 100,000 people in north east London has risen and half our boroughs are at or higher than the London average (although all are well below the national average).

The NHS in north east London has now given more than 2.5 million Covid-19 jabs (please see the attached document for a breakdown).

Covid-19 vaccines for children and young people

Anyone aged 16 and over can easily find their nearest high street, walk-in vaccination centre through the ‘Grab a Jab’ NHS online walk-in finder or can book an appointment at a local centre through the national booking serviceSee this video and more information for young people.

Vaccinations for 12-15 year-olds

The NHS is visiting schools to give flu vaccinations for young people as usual and this year, Covid-19 vaccinations for those aged 12-15.

Parents or guardians of children aged 12-15 attending school will receive a letter from Vaccination UK (the organisation which provides vaccinations in schools across north east London) with information about the vaccine, when it will be available and asking for parental consent.

We began opening out-of-school vaccine clinics for 12-15 year olds this week and these can be booked via this link. See here for more information, including a list of out-of-school clinics.

At present, one dose of the vaccine will be offered to most children in this age group. Those who are clinically extremely vulnerable, or live with someone who is immunosuppressed, will be offered two doses and will be contacted by their GP to arrange this.

Further information is available here, including a video on vaccination for 12-15 year olds and details of Q&A sessions on Covid-19 vaccination for children. Children do not need to be registered with a GP or have an NHS number to be vaccinated.

Get the flu vaccine

Everyone aged 50 and over is eligible for a free flu vaccine, as well as a Covid-19 booster.

More information on the flu vaccine is here. It is available at GP surgeries, at a hospital appointment, at a pharmacy offering the service or from your midwife if you are pregnant. Pharmacies offering the flu vaccine can be found here.

Project Tooth Fairy

A dedicated new surgical centre at The Royal London Dental Hospital is treating children and young people from across the capital who have been waiting too long for operations to remove problem teeth or for multiple fillings.

The hospital plans to do more than 1,000 extra operations over the next six months, using the first tranche of an £11m investment by NHS England to target children and young people whose planned treatment was delayed by the pandemic.

New role for ELFT chair

Chair of East London NHS Foundation Trust (ELFT), Mark Lam, is taking up a new role as Chair of North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust. This means that although Mark will be leaving ELFT in the longer term, he will still be with ELFT while a succession plan is determined for early in the New Year. During this time, the Trust Vice Chair Eileen Taylor will step up to provide further support.

Allied Health Professionals workforce analysis event

BHR Health and Care Academy is running an event to identify and examine the training needs of Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) across north east London. Speakers include AHP representatives and workforce leads, as well as those from NEL CCG and borough partnerships. All health and care organisations across NEL are invited to attend this virtual event via Microsoft Teams from 11am – 1pm on Thursday 18 November. Click here to register

Reducing health inequalities through additional GP services

We are improving the range and quality of primary care services in north east London through a review of the services patients can access through their GP practice or network.

The aim is that all patients in north east London have access to the same services, delivered to the same high standard in their local area. We are investing £40m over the next five years to provide a range of additional services in NEL, including those in diabetes, blood testing and mental health care. We will update as the programme progresses and are working with local Healthwatch and patient groups to ensure local people have their say in how services develop.

GP practices offering appointments in the best way for everyone

The pandemic changed the way all GPs had to work in ways that kept patients and staff safe from Covid-19. This has meant things like asking patients to wear masks in surgeries and assessing people over the phone or asking them to fill out online consultation forms first.

This is so the people who need to be seen fastest are seen first, in person if required. It also means others can have consultations over the phone to avoid contacts on crowded travel or taking time off work, have prescriptions sent directly to local pharmacies, or be seen quickly by someone else in the practice, such as a nurse.

In the past year, GPs across north east London have provided over 10 million appointments, most of which were face-to-face, and satisfaction levels remain high despite all the challenges of the pandemic. The latest figures show north east London is in the top ten nationally for increasing the number of face-to-face GP appointments.

Healthwatch shortlisted for award for Integrated Care System work

Local Healthwatch across north east London have been shortlisted for an award in the ‘Working with your Integrated Care System’ category of the Healthwatch Network Awards. The eight NEL Healthwatch are praised for providing fast, regular and comprehensive insight into people’s experiences of care with their Integrated Care System, as well as helping to develop services that meet the needs of their diverse population.

You find out more about the NEL ICS developments and how the NHS and social care is changing on our website.

Breast cancer awareness month: screening is essential and saves lives

Please promote the importance of attending breast screening appointments through your networks. It is unlikely that we will find any cancer, but catching any sign early is key so that it can be treated. To find out more, watch our short, animated video (translations are available on our cancer alliance patient information web page). See the NEL HCP website for more information including breast screening facts, eligibility and links to further information.

Under 16 cancer patient experience survey results

A new survey into the experiences and views of children under the age of 16 in care and treatment for cancer shows that in 2020, 95% of children with cancer aged between eight and 15 felt they were looked after well by NHS healthcare staff and 92% of parents/carers rated the overall experience of their child’s care as eight or more out of 10.

A webinar is being held on 2 December to discuss the results of the survey. See the full results of the survey here.

Exhibition on pandemic experiences

See the Exposure exhibition from the artist known as ‘the vacuum cleaner’ (aka James Leadbitter). It features 47 north east London health workers’ responses to questions about their experience of the first wave of the pandemic. The exhibition at the Royal Docks learning centre ends tomorrow (30 October).  

How you can help your local NHS:

·         Help us promote the flu and Covid-19 booster vaccines and share information on how and where to get vaccinated.

·         Keep everyone in north east London safe by following the latest guidance (including wearing a face covering and maintaining social distancing in healthcare settings) and getting tested.

·         Follow us on Twitter and retweet our messages to help reach all our communities

·         Share our latest public bulletin and visit our websitefrequently asked questions and videos.

If you have any queries or comments about our response to the Covid-19 pandemic or any of the other topics covered in this update, please email

Thank you for your continued support and understanding.

This update is produced by NHS North East London Clinical Commissioning Group 
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3 thoughts on “North East London NHS Covid Report

      1. Your attitude that my choice to not get vaccinated puts others at risk actually puts my freedom at risk, while your belief that the unvaccinated puts others at risk is mere conjecture.

        Your logic is demonstrated in the following sentence. “Why do the protected want to force protection on the unprotected when the protection didn’t work to protect the protected from the unprotected?”

        “Clotshot” is descriptive, not a rhetorical excess. Covid vaccines cause clotting. That is well-known in the scientific community.

        The risk-benefit cannot be analyzed because long term safety studies have not been done on covid vaccines.

        Vaccine manufacturers are exempted from civil liability, which shows that they don’t have confidence that their vaccines are safe.

        We know by now that vaccine effectiveness wanes to nothing after eight months.

        There are 16,000 reports of covid vaccine deaths in VAERS, which is ~30x the TOTAL of _all other vaccines_ in 2020. That is a massive signal.

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