Clissold Ward Community Action Panel.

Sergeant’s Report

1st November 2020 to 31st January 2021

The Team.

Clissold Ward consists of PC ATKINS the Designated Ward officer who is assisted by PCSO Debbie CROZIER, and PCSO Mo ASHRAF.

Clissold has also grown with the addition of PC O’CONNOR who is with us for a 6 month attachment and also PC CLARKE who is a new permanent Designated Ward Officer.

Sergeant Natalie DURRANT is in charge of Clissold, Stoke Newington, Woodberry Downs and also Brownswood Wards.

Clissold and Stoke Newington Wards work closely together as they share many roads and areas of the two wards. The officers of Stoke Newington are PC’s LEIGH and FITZGERALD and they are assisted by PSCO Os ASHRAF.

Three Objectives.

The thee objectives that were set by the community and passed onto ourselves via the Ward Panel are as follows

  1. Lordship Park/ Queen Elizabeth Walk – Prostitution and ASB arising from that.
  2. Drug Dealing
  3. Robberies around the wars specifically Clissold Park and Stoke Newington School.


PC HIGGINS remains the lead in relation to prostitution and the ASB that stems from this. These areas as well as GREENWAY CLOSE, BROWNSWOOD ROAD, and MANOR ROAD are routinely patrolled by officers from all four of the wards in our cluster as well as STAMFORD HILL WEST officers.


This ward as a whole has continued to be patrolled in both uniform and plain clothes to disrupt the ongoing issues with drug dealing and drug use in the area. The number of stop and searches has reduced showing that the ongoing police presence is having an effect on the movement of these individuals. Stop and Searches continue to be a valuable tool at our disposal to show the offenders that these areas are being monitored.


The second lockdown and the closing of Stoke Newington School has had a noticeable effect on the robberies and theft related incidents in the area, but the incidents are still occurring. We have been working with the Robbery Task Force relaying intelligence and information between the departments to also aid in tackling this issue.

PC Atkins has spent a number of shifts with the Robbery Task Force, Learning proactive tactics to tackle Robberies.

These priorities have been monitored closely by the team and some progress has been made. There has been a slight change of priorities due to the schools not going back and also the COVID-19 restrictions. The only addition to these was the ASB and Street drinking around ALBION ROAD, CLISSOLD CRESCENT and ALBION PARADE.

This has also been targeted quite well and has subsided quite significantly.


We as a team are trying to increase the number of ‘contact sessions’ we hold as a ward and will be working towards two per month. This has also been put on hold due to the current Covid -19 regulations.

PC ATKINS or PC CLARKE will be the leads on these and welcomes any suggestions on making these more accessible to the community.


For the last 3 month the three top rated crimes on Clissold Ward have been Harassment, Residential Burglary and miscellaneous thefts.

Crimes per 1000 residents for Clissold was again 5, compared to a borough average of 8 and the London average was 6, so again this shows that Clissold is below the London average and quite a bit lower than the Borough average.


As a team we continue to investigate the crimes that we come across as well as the long teams ongoing problem solving and neighbour issues on the ward.

Neighbourhoods have not been immune from the large gatherings and protests that have been taking place in London and as such we have been abstracted to either police these events or cover additional shifts of the Emergency response teams that have been abstracted to cover these events.

During these patrols we got a good return with some stop searches, community resolutions and a few arrests for possession of drugs and also possession of weapons.

Unfortunately due to COVID Restriction the Bicycle workshop that PC O’CONNOR has been organising has been postponed indefinitely.

The Team have assisted neighbouring wards Stoke Newington and Dalston & Shacklwell on warrants that were both successful and resulted in arrest.

The information that is shared is publically available to all residents along with detailed maps of crime hotspots, crime prevention advice and long term crime information.


If you have any local Clissold related queries or you would like to contact the team please feel free.


Ward Phone: 02087212923 (this is not monitored 24/7)

These are not for emergencies!

  1. To report a crime that is an emergency CALL 999
  2. If you wish to report a non-emergency crime please call 101.
  3. Alternatively you can now report a crime (non-emergency) online at


If anyone hasn’t signed up to OWL yet I would recommend it!

It is basically an online neighbourhood watch and a very easy way to communicate to all residents in your ward or just specific locations, such as individual streets. It is also a quick way for letting residents know of any important information.

It will take time to build up however it is the most secure online neighbourhood watch system where your details are only visible to police and your watch coordinator ~(as long as there is one in your area).

We invite you and your neighbours to sign up to OWL today at the following sddress:

Simply enter your postcode, fill out your details on the screen and submit. As soon as we receive your request we will put your details onto OWL within a few working days, and you will receive an email with your login and password.

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