CCTV Watch Hackney

As you may be aware majority of boroughs on the OWL system have a CCTV watch. This is a visual map of private CCTV cameras in the borough. We are asking everyone if they have a CCTV camera or video doorbell and would like to help us the Police by providing footage if requested. This has been proved successful in other boroughs have has resulted in catching and convicting criminals.

I am trying to create one of these for Hackney. The only details we need is your address, contact details and where the camera faces. This will save us time on the investigation front which could be vital in convicting criminals.

Your details and details of the camera will NOT be shared with anyone outside the Police.

Please send myself an email to which I can add you to the CCTV watch if you are interested.

If you need to reply regarding this message, tap on this email address:

Archie Leigh
Watch Liaison Officer

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