Take a tour of Abney Park…

July, we’ve decided, is all about the tour – whether it’s a self-guided history tour of the cemetery you’re after or a unique 360-view of the chapel (with a stunning musical performance thrown in) – we’ve got you covered!

Music recording and virtual tour

Chapel sessions


Today we release our first session recording in the chapel with a performance by two talented musicians: Martina Schwarz and Christopher Allan on the accordion and cello. This session, featuring six pieces, is a real treat. We’ve recorded this using a 360 degree camera so you can take a unique tour of the chapel whilst you listen – all from the comfort of your home.

This is a great opportunity for local artists to record in this space before the chapel undergoes refurbishment. Get in touch if you are interested in working with us.

View the sessions

We need your continued support

As we are still not permitted to run our events and host our usual fundraising opportunities at Abney Park, we need to ask for your continued support. We’re looking for further donations to help us curate a series of events, audio tours and publications on Abney Park as part of our mission to promote Abney’s history, wildlife and role in the community. We’re also looking to raise funds for our monument restoration programme.

We dislike having to keep asking this, but please make a donation so we can continue to care for and promote this beautiful space.

Make a donation

Self-guided tour

Route 1: Heritage and wildlife

Take a personal tour of Abney Park’s rich heritage and wildlife using this guide. Route 1 features the chapel, war memorial, Bostock’s lion, Dr Isaac Watts and William Booth among other key figures.

Take the tour

Self-guided tour

Voices from Abney: Abolitionists

A number of key figures, who opposed abduction and enslavement and sought to establish various visions of a better world during the 18th and 19th century, are laid to rest in Abney Park Cemetery. Take this self-guided tour of Abney’s abolitionists.

Take the tour

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