From Newington Green Action Group

Dear NGAG member,

In the last few weeks Newington Green Action Group has worked hard to respond to the coronavirus crisis and support our local community. We have recruited more than 250 volunteers and helped dozens of families and vulnerable individuals.

To reach those not online we have delivered over 5000 leaflets and are taking referrals from Islington Council’s hotline. We are working with other local organisations, including local schools and charities serving different communities in our area.

We have already started a fund to help our most vulnerable neighbours. We are paying for one-off food purchases, WiFi dongles, and essential non-food items for residents that don’t have enough money, are unbanked or are self-isolating and not registered for internet banking.

But our work is not done. The number of requests for help is growing daily. We expect it to be in the hundreds in a couple of weeks. The Islington Food Bank is shut, and the wait for Universal Credit is over 5 weeks.

As you know, our organisation was not built for this kind of action, and we don’t have the reserves to continue. This work may be unprecedented for The Newington Green Action Group, but at a time when the community needs us most we want to be there.

We need your help to continue. If your income is secure, please consider donating today to help our community respond to the crisis and help those in need.

100% of the money we receive through this appeal will go to a local family in need. We plan to make accounts with local shops in the area so that the people we are supporting are able to buy what they need without any money changing hands.

We will also continue to support the delivery of food and essential items when people are not able to leave their homes and to work towards establishing a hot food distribution centre.

We anticipate that we will need approximately £3,000 to support vulnerable Newington Green residents through this crisis.

Thank you for your time and for the work many of you have already been doing. Please donate here if you can and contact us on with any questions.

Stay healthy!


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