Mayor of Hackney confirms parking will be made available for Health workers and others

I am pleased to confirm that the Council has introduced a targeted parking exemption for key workers on the front line of responding to coronavirus. This will allow key workers to park in any resident or shared use parking bay in Hackney. This is open to workers classed as key workers in government guidance, and includes, amongst others:

·        NHS workers and police

·        Some Council workers and contractors delivering services on their behalf (e.g. social care)

·        Those involved in food production and distribution

·        Those supporting vulnerable individuals

More information on who is a key worker can be found here:

To apply for a Hackney key worker parking exemption, please contact You will need to provide your:

·        Name

·        Telephone number

·        Email address

·        Service/organisation name

For each vehicle that you wish to be included on the exemption list, you will need to provide the following:

·        Vehicle make (e.g. Ford)

·        Vehicle model (e.g. Transit)

·        Vehicle colour (e.g. blue)

·        Vehicle registration number

The list will be kept under regular review, and those on it will be communicated with about any changes to the exemptions in operation.

I hope that this response is helpful in clarifying the position.

Yours sincerely

Philip Glanville

Mayor of Hackney

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