DALSTON SOCIAL premises looking to open new basement nightclub.

From Rio Cross RA:

It would appear that the basement at no. 8 Stoke Newington Road, beneath Dalston Social, doesn’t currently have a licence but has now applied for one as ‘Club no. 8’  to open Sun-Wed until 1am and Thu until 3am and Fri-Sat until 5am. This constitutes a new club premises.  A planning application was submitted in 2014 to change the use of the basement from a snooker club to a nightclub but this was refused. There has been no new application submitted for planning approval and so technically this use could not be carried out even in the case that a licence was approved.  But we see many premises being granted licences that dont have planning permission and so need to alert to this likely outcome.

A new club could have serious implications for near neighbours in terms of noise, as well as potentially adding to the cumulative impact of alcohol-related anti-social behaviour in an area that already suffers from the many side-effects of a surfeit of clubbers on the streets at night.

If you wish to object to this application, write to licensing@hackney.gov.uk with the address of the premises in the subject line.

Your objection is most likely to be taken seriously if it directly addresses the objectives of Hackney’s Licensing Policy. The four main objectives of the policy are:

  • Prevention of crime and disorder
    • Public safety
    • Prevention of public nuisance
    • Protection of children from harm.

The deadline for objections is March 30th 2020

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