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Hi there

We wanted to get in touch to update you all on Coronavirus and what we are doing at OTO.

For the time being we are staying open so if you have brought a ticket for a show, unless we have emailed you to say otherwise you should assume it is going ahead as normal.

We are inevitably seeing some shows cancel especially with international and touring musicians. Where possible we are making every effort to reschedule these shows for later in the year.

These are extremely difficult times for us all.  We are hoping that OTO will pull through this.  OTO has always survived on huge levels of generosity and support from musicians, audiences and our staff. It is this that gives us strength and hope as we look ahead.

There are a number of ways you can help us over this period. Here are a few below:

If a show is cancelled or being rescheduled:

  • We will obviously offer refunds to anyone who wants one
  • If you are in a position to be able to waive your refund and treat your ticket as a donation to the space we would be extremely grateful
  • If you are able to hold onto the ticket until an alternative date has been found this would also really help
  • Use your ticket as a token at another show in the future. Basically using it as credit. Just bring a printout of your ticket order to a different show to gain entry (the difference in ticket price to be paid / refunded on the door if applicable).
  • If you no longer wish to attend a show that is still going ahead, please note that we require 7 days notice before a performance in order to guarantee refunds.

We have also set up video streaming so all shows will now be live streamed on our website should you wish to stay at home.

Ways to support us:

  • If you’ve ever consider becoming a Member or Patron there’s never been a better time to do this!
  • Buying downloads or merchandise will also really help us as ticket income inevitably drops
  • You may have seen we are running a fundraiser auction.  There are some great lots that have been donated by musicians already and many more to follow.

We are also making the following changes to how we do things to make sure audiences, staff and musicians stay safe:

  • We will only accept Cards – No cash on the premises
  • Our door handles & tables are being frequently sanitised
  • There is no more public access to coffee lids, napkins, glasses, water, sugar etc
  • Apologies but NO reusable Keep cups for the meantime
  • Respect other peoples space as much as possible

Most importantly if you have any underlying health conditions or are displaying symptoms please don’t come to concerts.  We will happily refund your ticket or let you use it as credit for a future show.

As always thank you all for your support.  We will continue to monitor the situation and keep you all updated with any changes.

We look forward to pulling through this together and coming out the other side!

Cafe OTO


We’re excited to present a very special auction to celebrate the culmination of our equipment fundraiser week.

You can see some of the first batch of lots on the website. Many new auction items will be added on a regular basis between now and the 21st of March so keep checking in to see whats been added!

If you are outside of London or overseas and you’re the winning bidder we will post the item out to you free of charge.  We will contact anyone who has won shortly after the live auction on the 21st of March.

Good luck!

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