Roadworks on Green Lanes causes severe tailbacks

Here is a local comment:


We have only had the roadworks in place for less than 24 hours but I’m afraid grumpy old man syndrome is taking over.

Obviously the roadworks are necessary and the temporary traffic lights are inevitable but could nobody have given some thought to the impact on traffic especially along Lordship Park and Allerton Road.

Why aren’t there some temporary parking controls / suspension of spaces so that people, especially buses can pass and not have the standoffs we are seeing all the time in Lordship Park as 2 buses or a bus and a lorry try to pass each other.  This is exacerbated by buses stopping at the 106 stop near to Green Lanes.  We have a constant stream of cars hooting as traffic comes to a standstill which is a real nuisance to those trying to work from home.

Traffic can’t get out of Allerton Road so there is a logjam in Allerton Road.  This is especially true if they are trying to turn right into Lordship Park so eventually out of frustration they sit across Lordship Park trying to force their way into the traffic and consequently block traffic travelling east which often then blocks the single lane through the roadworks up to and across the traffic lights.  Similarly cars turning left into Allerton can’t get in and then also block traffic going along Lordship Park.  Why not a temporary one way in Allerton Road from west to east?

Worst of all are the cars which are regularly jumping the red light in Lordship Park out of frustration at the length of time they have been waiting.  I waited to cross the road this morning and when the light turned red another 8 cars accelerated through the red light.  Cars were forced to a sudden stop on Green Lanes and pedestrians daren’t follow the green man signal, it’s taking your life in your hands.

Also the 106 service is a nightmare.

Where was the forethought and planning from ‘traffic engineers’ ??

Just getting it out of my system!!!!

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