St Mary’s Lodge Hoarding Down Again

Tthumbnail_IMG_5458he hoarding at St Mary’s Lodge, Lordship Park/Road has come down again last weekend.
Parts of the hoarding came down the previous weekend and were repaired but the contractor neglected to consider the stability of the remaining pieces.  The gate is also in bad shape.
The situation leaves the dangerous site open.
This was reported to building control on both occasions but we’ve had no reply from them so I don’t know if they have taken any action.  The Conservation Area Committee went directly to the architect of the proposed school, Tom Stebbing, and I believe that  occasioned the first repair.  He has copied me into his email to the owners regarding the further breach.
While the repairs have been done reasonably quickly the hoarding has appeared to be shaky for some time so there isn’t the regular oversight this site really needs.
Whatever the opinion about the proposed school, now that planning permission has been granted its best that the work is carried out swiftly.  The permission is subject to the Lodge being stabilised and repaired before the new buildings are begun.

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