“Hackney Unites”


Building a stronger Hackney

It is just ten days until our meeting on ‘Community Building/Community Bridging’. (between 6pm and 8pm on Monday 3 February, at Hackney CVS, Adiaha Antigha Centre, 24-30 Dalston Lane,  E8 3AZ, but please register if you are planning to join us).

While we all love Hackney, many of us are increasingly concerned about the pressures on our communities, and the danger that external events (often taking place outside of Hackney) can have an adverse impact on the relationships between our communities. There have also been some shocking incidents of violence directed against community members for no other reason than that they are seen as ‘different’.

Those of us who are worried about the toxic mix of precarious jobs, high housing costs, and a growing sense of loss among sections of our communities, are meeting to discuss what we can consciously do, as individuals and as communities, to break down barriers and to build strong communities with strong inter-community links; because strong communities work together to achieve their goals, while weak and divided communities can descend into a spiral of recrimination and mutual blame.

Join us and be part of that discussion (which will be the first step towards our objective of hosting a six week course on community building/community bridging).

And please do us a favour, help us to ensure that people know and attend this meeting. Can you share the link on Facebook/Twitter etc. and  perhaps forward this email onto people you know in Hackney who may be interested. Better still, why not pick up the phone and speak to someone you know might be interested?

Many thanks,


The team at Hackney Unites

Who we are

Hackney Unites is a coalition for social justice, we work to create organised and inclusive communities. We are grateful for financial support from our many individual donors.

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