Afro-Cuban Music Night at Vogue Fabrics


This event will be dedicated to Elegua, guardian of the cross-roads.

Bombo Productions would like to invite you to our Afro-Cuban Music Night. This is an evening of drum, song and dance from batá and orisha music to rumba. It is an informal gathering where musicians, music lovers, dancers and those who would like to learn to dance can participate. PLEASE NOTE this is not an audience/performance type event, all those who attend are encouraged to take part in some small or large way depending on their experience of the traditions –this could include anything from hand clapping, singing choruses, dancing, drumming or leading the songs.

Open Batá and Rumba Session: 21:00 -11.30 FREE!
Percussionist and singers familiar with these traditions are invited to come and play. We begin by playing for the orichas with batá music followed by a rumba.

We have been honoured to be joined by some of the legends from the batá and rumba Cuban traditions including Gerardo De Armas, Martica Gallaraga, Yosvani Diaz and former Conjuncto Folklorico Nacional de Cuba member Antonio Urdaneta Castro. We are very grateful to the many UK based percussionists who also support this night and make it possible.

IMPORTANT: Please drink up
We have worked hard to try and keep this event free (obviously apart from the dance class). This is only possible if people consume drinks at the bar, so please support the event by buying drinks of some kind; they don’t have to be alcoholic 🙂

Venue: 66 Stoke Newington Rd, Hackney Downs, London N16 7XB. Black door downstairs.

Bombo Productions run drumming classes, a community choir and a professional Cuban carnival band. See more on

Thanks Mish Aminoff Moon for the photos

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