The Stoke Newington Gyratory


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Results Updated 20 Dec 2019

In October/November 2018 we consulted on proposals transform Stoke Newington Gyratory.

We received 1,636 responses to the consultation, which ran from 19 October until 30 November 2018. 59% of respondents supported the proposal to remove the gyratory and re-introduce two-way traffic.  After careful consideration of the issues raised in the consultation, we have decided to proceed with the scheme but with changes to the proposals we consulted on. These are:

  • At the junction of Stoke Newington High Street and Church Street we plan to implement a new separate cycle-gate/signal-controlled advanced stop line to allow cyclists to take  primary position; the facility will run whilst northbound general traffic is held
  • At the junction of Cazenove Road with Stamford Hill we plan to introduce a raised entry treatment to slow vehicles on the approach to the junction
  • At the junction of Stamford Hill and Northwold Road, southbound cyclists will now have a separate facility from other vehicles with a dedicated signal
  • On Northwold and Rectory Road we plan to change the proposed central median strip which separates opposing lanes. Instead we will now introduce an imprinted overrun area that seeks to visually narrow the road. Cyclists should still take primary position wherever possible. We have revised the shared-space design at the junction of Rectory Road with Northwold Road and are now proposing a 2m wide footway in standard paving, with a 1.5m wide cycle area in a different finish between the two areas to minimise conflict
  • At the junctions of Victorian Road, Victorian Grove and Dyvenor Road the continuous footway design has been revised to include tactile paving
  • We plan to include a new southbound bus stop, in addition to what’s already been proposed, on Stoke Newington High street  adjacent to Victorian Grove
  • We plan to change the loading hours on the High Street between Brooke Road and Stoke Newington Church to: Monday – Sunday from 10:00 – 13:00, 20 minutes loading only. During these times cyclists will be required to leave the cycle track at the junction with Brooke Road and join the general traffic lane when the loading bay is in use
  • We will work with London Borough of Hackney to see how we can help, within this scheme, achieve their ambition of 40% canopy cover across the borough
  • We are looking at contraflow bus lanes across London to try and develop best practice around both their design and their introduction. We intend to learn from this research and will apply it within the detailed design of these proposals and the subsequent change of operation

We are continuing to work with our colleagues at Hackney council on the design. We aim to start construction in late-2020 with the changes implemented by mid-2022.

Our consultation report and response to issues raised can be found below.

Stoke Newington Gyratory consultation report (PDF 2.76MB)

Stoke Newington Gyratory response to issues raised (PDF 209KB)

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