The Council proposes a Brownswood Conservation Area

APPENDIX B - Draft Map of Brownswood Conservation Area-page-001


(Draft Consultation letter)
At its meeting of November 18th 2019, Hackney Council resolved to approve, for the
purposes of public consultation, the area identified on the accompanying plan for
consideration as the Brownswood Conservation Area.
As part of the public consultation exercise, we are writing to you to seek your views on the proposal to designate the area indicated on the accompanying plan as a Conservation Area.
Conservation Areas are areas of special architectural or historic interest, the character or
appearance of which it is desirable to preserve or enhance. Local Planning Authorities have a statutory duty to consider whether parts of their area should be designated as
Conservation Areas.
The area is a high quality late Victorian suburb constructed from the 1860s onwards. The
character and form of the area from its original design and layout is largely unchanged.
Buildings in the area are adorned with detailed historic decorative architectural features. The area is considered to be of special architectural and historic interest and therefore suitable for designation.
The proposals include a Brownswood Conservation Area Appraisal & Management Plan and a Boundary Map.  Before determining whether to designate the Brownswood Conservation Area, Hackney Council is undertaking public consultation between XXXXX and XXXXX to seek the views of residents, landowners and other interested stakeholders on the proposed extension. (Dates and final form of the letter to be confirmed)

This letter contains important information about the proposals, including a map of theconservation area, how you can find out more information and how you can have your say.
Yours faithfully
Adam Dyer
Conservation & Design Officer

Full Report Here 



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