New books from Stoke Newington based Sarah Hyndman

Hello, I’m excited that the first books in the new Type Tasting book series have just arrived from the printers.

These are the first in an ongoing series of pamphlet-style books that will share the experiment results and ideas I’ve been developing since 2013. The proceeds from the books will be invested back into the series so every copy purchased will be supporting future books.

The first editions will be printed as short-runs and pre-ordered copies will be signed. The series officially launches on November 11th but you can pre-order advance copies here.

Since setting up Type Tasting I’ve been on a mission to change how we think and talk about typography by making it exciting and relevant to a wider audience. I’d love to know what topics you’d like me to cover in the next books in the series?
Type Tasting Books are not the usual typography books. They are for people who want to change how we think and talk about typography.

Typographic Taste Changing Jellybean Experiment
By Sarah Hyndman
Book 1 of 2
£10 + postage

A Taste of Type from Sour to Sweet
By Sarah Hyndman
Book 2 of 2
£10 + postage

Click here to pre-order your advance copies.

If you have an idea for an event, or would like to commission a Type Tasting for your group or organisation please get in touch with me, Sarah Hyndman at

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