Abney Park Gothic Tour

Take an after-dark historical tour of the sinister side of Victorian London as we go back in time to the era of the Gothic novel, the heart of Dickensian darkness.

Two centuries after the publication of Frankenstein, it remains as powerful a story as ever. What were the fears and anxieties of the 1800s that inspired this celebrated tale of science gone wrong?

What was lurking in the shadows of society that bled out onto the pages of works like Mary Shelley’s classic tale of technology and ambition gone hideously wrong? And how does this link to a long Hackney heritage of nonconformism?

Hosted by local guide, writer and storyteller Hackney Tours, this adventure will help you see Abney Park – and London – in a different way.

*Outdoors* tour includes after-hours access to Abney Park and a visit to the recently-saved Chapel (not normally open outside of special events).

Dress for the October outdoors!

Suggested age range 14+

October 2019
Sign up today, this event will sell out!
Tickets £12

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