Introducing fortnightly waste collections – a comment


Hackney Council is proposing to cut non-recyclable rubbish collections to private houses and flats to fortnightly.

The rationale quoted for this is that it will encourage more recycling.  This implies that currently many people throw out recyclable materials in black sacks as part of their general waste. This seems likely.  But if non-recyclables are not collected weekly, is it not equally likely that residents, especially those in small flats without front gardens, will include non-recyclables in the recyclable green sacks just to get rid of them ? And for the more responsible, having to keep non-recyclables inside a dwelling will be pretty unpleasant.

The Council claims that it will save no money but most non-recyclable and recyclable waste is collected separately so this appears disingenuous.

One of the problems with all types of elected authorities is the temptation to hide cost-cutting motives for their policies.  But economy is a factor in all policies, private and public.  If economy is the driver, in our view,  it’s better to say so.


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