Get your copy of ‘Ridley Road: The Book’


And support Save Ridley Road and Open Dalston

Ridley Road Shopping Village Traders

29 SEP 2019 — 

‘The definitive record of one of London’s most historic and colourful street markets’

If you’ve spent a lot of time around the Shopping Village on Ridley Road then you’ve probably met Tamara. She’s a real friend to Ridley Road who’s been photographing and interviewing traders and regulars on the market for years, documenting their stories in their own words and connecting them to the longer history of the street — from the anti-fascist struggles of the 40s to the carnivals of the 2010s, with all of the changes and buying and selling and arguing and learning in between.

And now she has a book coming out! This is likely to be the book about Ridley Road. It’ll be on sale in the market itself, and copies will go to all of the local schools as well. It’s full of stories and pictures and newspaper clippings from every stage in the life of the market, conceived as an act of resistance to the developers and social cleansers and not just as a memorial to the ‘good old days’.

But…you can see where this is going… she needs to raise the funds to make it happen, and there’s a Crowdfunder where you can help. Please check it out. You don’t have to just ‘donate’ — there’s an option to buy advance copies too — but without meeting the production costs it ain’t going to happen, so there’s a lot at stake.

Also, any profits from the book will support Save Ridley Road and Open Dalston in their work against social cleansing in Dalston.

Less than two weeks to go!

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