Redmond Pictures Next screening: This Thursday 26th September. Now booking!

Passages of Time

Thursday 26th September
Starts: 7:30pm
This month Redmond Pictures are joining up with Passengerfilms to host our September screening focusing on ‘Passages of Time’. We will be screening two films that capture two very different marine journeys, one very unique social experiment and one mundane commuter ferry, yet both provide a reflection on the role of passages of time for human lives.

‘Terra’ (2011), a short film by Piero Messina ‘recounts the night journey of a man who, after many years, decides to return to Sicily on a ship crossing the Messin’s Stretto’. The film provides an empathetic lens on human relationships and on coming to terms with loss and the past.

‘The Raft’ (2018) is our documentary feature by Marcus Lindeen that explores a 1970s social experiment. The experiment was intended to understand how violence and conflict emerges, yet as the protagonists reflect and the experiment goes on it becomes clear that it became something else entirely; a formative journey that paid testament to the human capability for co-operation.

Click the link below or call / text 0785 653 4289 to book your free place.

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