Clissold Park Needs You!

454d2c17-e4c0-4076-8fe5-a9a1969f68adOn Sunday 22 September we are hosting a celebration of 130 years since Clissold Park was opened to the public.  There will be lots going on including stalls and activities in various parts of the park.

All activities will be free and open to everyone and the event is being organised and funded by the Clissold Park User Group.

However, we will only receive permission to run the event if we are able to meet the Council’s requirement to have plenty of stewards to keep an eye on things.

This means that we need YOU to help. We are asking you to give two hours of your time (or even just one) between 11am and 6pm.  Or longer if you like (we will give you a break!).

Please click here to email us to offer your help.


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