Message from Chief Superintendent Sue Williams

Central East BCU
(Hackney and Tower Hamlets)
Unrestricted Partnership Message
Dear Partners,
From 29th July 2019 I will be taking up my position as the
Commander – Head of Profession – Safeguarding for the
Met. This position is until May 2020.
Det Ch Supt Marcus Barnett will be the new BCU Cmdr for
Central East (Hackney and Tower Hamlets. Marcus has
been shadowing me for a number of months learning the
role of a BCU Cmdr and when the opportunity arose he
was the perfect choice for CE BCU. Marcus is an
experienced Detective and Chief Superintendent and is
ideally placed with his knowledge and skills to take the
BCU to greater success. I know you will all enjoy working
with him.
I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as the Tower Hamlets
Borough Cmdr and more latterly the CE BCU Cmdr
bringing both Hackney and Tower Hamlets policing
Commands together. As a partnership we have excelled in
developing strong relationships and structures to deliver
our priorities and work towards providing a quality service
for victims of crime and ensuring we make the Boroughs
safer for all our communities and those who live, work
and visit us.
I have been fortunate that our professional relationships
have developed into friendships and we have shared our
passion for working on such important areas to make a
difference on the Boroughs. I know the work I have been
involved with is just the tip of the iceberg and you will
continue to deliver safeguarding and community safety to
all our communities.
I believe we have a lot to be proud of and I am so very
proud to have worked on two of the most challenging,
diverse, vibrant and wonderful Boroughs in London.
I look forward to continuing working with many of you in
my new Safeguarding role and thank you all for your
support and assistance over the past few years and for
our many achievements.
Kind regards

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