Hackney Unites

Building a stronger community

Hackney Unites has teamed up with the Ella Baker School of Transformative Organising to create a course in ‘community bridging’. In Hackney we have a proud record of ‘standing together’ in the face of adversity, hatred and provocation. But we now believe that rather than waiting for a provocation to unite us in a shared sense of disgust and of sorrow, we need to spend a little time every day building a stronger united community.

That is why we are looking to bring together people from Hackney’s diverse communities to explore how we create ‘bridges’, opportunities for understanding and friendship to be forged between people from different communities. We take inspiration in doing this from the legacy of the murdered MP Jo Cox, who famously said: ‘we have more in common than that which divides us’.We do not plan to charge for the course, but it will require a commitment to a two hour evening session each week over six weeks, as well as a small amount of ‘homework’ in between.

We use the term ‘community’ very loosely, you, or your group, could be from a particular estate, a particular religious or ethnic group, or you could be bound by ties of culture, or of a shared experience of oppression. The idea is that at the end of six weeks, a diverse group representing different communities, will have learnt a lot about each other, and hopefully, will want to work together to increase the opportunities for Hackney’s communities, to find ourselves in each other.

If you, or your group, are interested either in attending the course, (the first course will run in January 2020) or help develop the course contents, through participating in a project advisory group, or just to find out more, then please sign up here.

Who we are

Hackney Unites is a coalition for social justice, we work to create organised and inclusive communities. We are grateful for financial support from our many individual donors.

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