Walford Road Scheme : OPINION


OPINION:   The Council decides to re-consult on the controversial road closures scheme but (Gobsmackingly) to delegate the final solution. One would have thought that a decision that has been this controversial ought, if any decision ought, to be made by elected councillors. An act of cowardice.

Decision:  RESOLVED:  That the cabinet:

  1. Authorised officers to design and conduct a further consultation exercise on Option B as set out in the body of this report and
  2. Authorised the Group Director to decide, in light of the responses to the consultation exercise, whether to publish a statutory notice of a traffic regulation order implementing Option B, pursuant to the Local Authorities’ Traffic Orders (Procedure)(England and Wales) Regulations 1996 and

III.  Authorised the Group Director to take all other steps necessary to enable the decision referred to in (b) above to be taken and

  1. If a statutory notice is published, the Group Director is authorised to take a final decision whether to make a traffic regulation order, pursuant to s6 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, having regard to any objections made in response to the statutory notice
  2. In addition to agreeing the above recommendations Cabinet noted that since the original consultation was carried out in December 2017, the Council has obtained additional information on the potential impacts of the scheme on traffic flow and air quality, as well as on potential changes to the traffic patterns in the area such as from Transport for London’s Stoke Newington Gyratory scheme, and that this information will be available for any further consultation on this scheme.







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