Redmond Pictures

Redmond Pictures

Next screening: March 28th. Bookings now open!


Thursday 28th March
Starts: 7:30pm
Long before Girls In The Big City became a common trope, Girlfriends was one of the first films to capture the nuances and complexities of female friendship and the frightening loneliness of freedom.

Girlfriends is a story of two friends, photographer Susan, who supports herself shooting weddings while trying to get her work into galleries, and her roommate and best friend Anne, an aspiring writer who slowly shucks her artistic dreams (and Susan) when she moves and settles into marriage and motherhood. Feeling abandoned by Anne and frustrated by constant professional rejection, Susan keeps plugging away, determinedly maintaining her independence.

Screenings are free. Click the link below or call / text 0785 653 4289 to book.

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