Litterpick !

Saturday 9th March at 10am
Well, following that wonderful turnout in January, we had the unfortunate February hiccough when we had to cancel because of a weather warning which was to close the Park but which finally came to nothing! Anyway presumably there’ll be all the more litter for us to collect this time, so do come and join us. We’ve got more litterpicking tools for small and taller people and some hi-viz for youngsters, so we’re hoping that some of you January people will want to join us again!  Everyone is welcome. It really is a great thing to do and
a nice way to meet new people.
We’ll provide you with everything you need (bags, gloves, litterpickers) but wear sturdy shoes. Whatever the weather (barring pouring rain), here’s hoping to see you on 9th March at 10am and if you can’t make it this time, then the second Saturday of any month is our regular date. Get in touch if you have any queries.
Meet at the front entrance on Stoke Newington High Street

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