From brush strokes to typography at the Chocolate Factory N16

Type Tasting x Better Letters present

From brush strokes to typography

This is a brand new workshop that takes you on a creative tour through the history of letterforms as you discover how the sign writer’s brush has profoundly influenced the development of typefaces in Europe and North America.This workshop with author and Type Tasting founder Sarah Hyndman takes you on a journey through time and letterforms with fast-paced sketching exercises throughout. Images, sound, scent and tasters will bring each era to life, making this a fun and enlightening discovery session. This workshop has been created exclusively for Better Letters.

Saturday 23rd March, 10am to 5pm, Chocolate Factory N16, London N16 7SX.

Book here.

You’ll use a selection of mark-making tools including charcoal, pens, pencils and poster paints in your exploration of letterforms (you’re welcome to bring your favourite pens and brushes). This is not a sign writing technique workshop; but it is an ideal companion because it teaches you theory to complement the skill.

The workshop is suitable for complete beginners, and those with previous experience. No prior experience or drawing skills are necessary.

You will: Journey back to the source of the serif and discover the classic proportions that have echoed across the centuries; Uncover the genuine English vernacular style, and find the evidence to prove that sans serifs appeared on buildings long before they were printed; Unpick the idiosyncrasies of naming systems, and celebrate sign writers as the first branding designers — whose influence can still be seen in many of today’s logos; Find out how a quick and casual style left England and went on to travel the world; And spot the shapes of 19th Century counter-culture in fading ghostsigns.

This workshop is ideal for:

• Sign writers who work with design, branding and communications agencies.

• Graphic designers who would like to connect sign writing with type theory.

• The curious who would like to learn more about the history of letterforms in a fun and relaxed setting.

• As a team building session for all departments in the creative industries.

Book here or get in touch to organise a private session for your group or organisation.


If you have an idea for an event, or would like to commission a Type Tasting for your group or organisation please get in touch with me at

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