Licence change at 33/35 Stoke Newington Road

From Rio Cross Residents Association

Brewdog plans to open bar on Birthdays premises – only 2 days left to object!

The Brewdog chain, famous for its high-alcohol-content beer, is planning to open a bar in the premises formerly operated by Birthdays, as 33-35 Stoke Newington Road. This means that they will be able to take over the existing license rather than applying for a new one.

Some members may recall that Brewdog attempted to open a large bar on the ground floor of ‘Beyond Retro’ on the opposite side of Stoke Newington Road in 2015. Councillor Richard Lufkin (who was instrumental, along with Councillor Michelle Gregory) in persuading Hackney’s Licensing Committee that their application, as it stood, would have been in breach of the Council’s licensing objectives) has drawn this to our attention, and we are grateful to him for the information below.

Accessing the current licence and Brewdog’s application

To access online the current premises licence and Brewdog’s current application to vary the licence, use the following information:

  1. Licence number: 054196
  2. Premises licence number: LBH-PRE-T-1122
  3. Address: 33-35 Stoke Newington Road, N16 8BJ

Issues for representation (not in order of priority)

Brewdog proposes:

  1. Maximum occupancy number: maximum occupancy (ground floor and basement): 241 customers and 8 staff.
  2. Music: Live and recorded music to be retained with small reduction in hours (until 02:00 hours instead of 02:40 hours)
  3. Layout – Ground floor: indeterminate number of “fixed seating”; 30 “loose (removable?) high seating”; one “Bar Area (Standing)” i.e. vertical drinking; one “Trading Area” (not clear what this means).
  4. Layout – Pavement:  Extension of licensed area to include part of pavement. The “external seating area” covers an area 11 metres long and 2.5 metres wide, i.e., covers half of the total pavement width (5.00 metres). “External seating area” fails to show seating arrangement outside on the pavement, specifically the number of seats and tables. Layout plan fails to include the fact that there is a lamppost on the pavement in front of the premises, thereby restricting circulation of pedestrians and disabled mobility chairs.
  5. Layout – Basement: indeterminate number of “[fixed] terraced seating” and “fixed booth seating”; 32 “loose (removable?) high seating”; one “Bar Area (Standing)” i.e. vertical drinking; one “Trading Area  75SQ.M/ 1.0 = 75Persons” (not clear what this means?)”
  6. Layout Plan – Notes: These state that “Children and Young Persons have access to all public areas.”
  7. Off Sales:  Off sales of alcohol to be added. (Current licence permits only On Sales, i.e. sale of alcohol for consumption on the premises).
  8. Removal of condition 15: No condition which regulates that last orders shall be called half an hour before closing time.
  9. Removal of condition 16: No condition regarding an “Emergency Plan” regarding a condition for the emergency evacuation of the premises.
  10. Amend condition 17: “so as to allow customers to be able to take drinks outside with them to consume in the [pavement] delineated external area”, but does not specify how many seated customers, and whether vertical drinking will be prohibited.
  11. Amend condition 29: “regarding polycarbonate glassware”, but does not specify what the amendment would consist of.
  12. Amend condition 34: “regarding door staff”, but does not specify what the amendment would consist of.
  13. Alcohol by Volume (ABV): Brewdog is known for selling beers with an Alcohol By Volume (ABV) percentage which is consistently higher than traditional corporate beers. Combining the consumption of  ABV beer with vertical drinking and live music is potentially toxic.


This proposal to vary the current licence, if approved as proposed, will have a significant negative cumulative impact on the Dalston Special Policy Area (SPA).

If you wish to object to this application, you can do so by writing to with the address of the premises in the subject line.

Your objection is most likely to be taken seriously if it directly addresses the objectives of Hackney’s Licensing Policy. The four main objectives of the policy are:

• Prevention of crime and disorder
• Public safety
• Prevention of public nuisance
• Protection of children from harm.

The deadline for objections is  February 8th, 2019.

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