An Others Band Nite Fri 8th Feb 7 til Late


The Others

Top Floor, 6 Manor Road London, United Kingdom, N16 5SA 


Free B4 8pm £5 after
An.Others celebration of the sheer diversity of talent here and outside of London. Continuing with our series of live gigs we bring you….
Commie Faggots
Ben Jammin & The PLH
Vibe Machine
Party Food

Party Food
Electro beats duo bringing a unique Dance Floor Groove, to see us thru the nite.

Vibe Machine
Bass ‘n’ breaks rooted in dance culture, hooks and harmonies to fly with!
Our ever popular live show is a celebration of life.
Come ready to sing, dance, love, laugh, cry, lose find yourself.
With equal measures of wit and wonder we come to raise the Vibe.

Ben Jammin & The PLH
Hailing from the beautiful town of Brighton and creating nothing but the best most blessed vibes; Ben Jammin & The PLH play original Hippy-Hop for the heart and soul. With Jamalicous music ranging throughout all genres and lyrics with a clear voice of reason that epitomises positivity. Guaranteed to get you grinning and grooving, keep you thinking and moving. Till your soul’s overflowing with peace, love and happiness.
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Commie Faggots
Whilst it may be obvious where this band’s political sympathies lie, the lyrics avoid telling you what to think, and instead throw contradictory statements at you to push you in to making up your own mind.This incitement to audience participation is particularly evident in the many call and response sections of their songs, in which the band psyche up the audience to respond with shouts that directly contradict the calls or in which the band gently goad the audience to sing along with the choruses and then admonish them for doing so in the verses.

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