Areas where shop cannot be turned into housing without planning permission increased – includes Dalston and Green Lanes

The Council seeks
to maintain a range and balance of retail, employment and community
uses in the town centres through the planning process, but the
Government’s permitted development rights undermine Hackney’s local
planning policies on protecting town centre uses and maintaining a balance
of different uses.
1.2 As part of LP33, extensions will be made to Hackney Central and Dalston
town centres and four new Local Shopping Centres designated at Green
Lanes, Hackney Downs, Dunsmure Road and Oldhill Street. This report
provides protection to these areas in the same way as we currently protect
the existing designated centres (where Article 4 Directions are already in

Click to access 1.%20Final%20Cabinet%20Report%20Confirmation%20of%20A4Ds%20Jan%202019.pdf


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