Hidden Abney – An After Dark Tour Wednesday 23rd January – 7pm

7d33494b-7dd1-4c6a-8fbc-ef2a27b9f306Join John Baldock for an after dark tour of Abney Park and to learn more of its hidden secrets such as…

A notorious hangman of whom Charles Dickens quoted “Mr. William Calcraft the finisher of the law, of whom I have witnessed several times about his dastardly craft. He should be restrained in his unseemly briskness to dispatch the felons without a bungle, he should also refrain from his briskness of jokes, his apparent oath and of his brandy!”

‘The Mysterious Lady…’The Celebrated Enchantress’…and the daughter of the self-proclaimed ‘Wizard of the South’

A hidden catacomb and the stories of those in unmarked common graves.

Tickets £10
Book here

Please arrive at the main gates on Stoke Newington High St between 6.30 to 6.50pm.

Please dress for the weather, sturdy shoes recommended and be careful of any uneven paths.

020 7275 7557

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