Revolt against Tinder ! at RANDE pop up Mexican restaurant (Dalston)

Let’s get real, dating apps have their place but over here at RANDE, we think it’s time – time to revolt against the dating app!

Power to the People!

Thursday 8 November 2018
 19:00 – 22:30
 Tickets from £39.50
 Food & Drink
 Background Music
 Over 18
Kingsland Laundromat
 10 Stoke Newington Road, London, N16 7XNNearest station: 
Dalston Kingsland (Rail) 
 Over 18


Let’s do like our parents and grandparents and meet up at a laundrette, bond over booze, Mexican food and the bizarre location…. ok maybe not quite like our forefathers but you get the point!

About RANDE:

RANDE is a Mexican pop up restaurant exploring life beyond tacos and winding up somewhere between the traditional and inventive side of the cuisine. We’re talking labour intensive moles served with melt in your mouth pork tenderloin and perfectly puffed, inflatadas stuffed with homemade foams that will bring a tear to your eye.

All these tasty morsels are magically conjured in the makeshift kitchens of London’s hidden and forgotten nooks; laundromats, victorian boiler rooms and deserted warehouses are among the favourites.

For diners, the adventure starts as they walk down the road, timidly searching for this odd venue and getting a little bit lost along the way. They fumble through the door and find a party awaiting. They search for their group and bond with strangers who are equally perplexed by the evening they have embarked on. Communal tables are slow filled and diners are presented with four courses of Mexican delights.

And who dreams up these lunacies? The RANDE team is a group of renegades and dreamers. They take tequila shots and orders from their fearless (mad?) leader, Randy who has a hell of a lot of imagination … and cajones. 

This is a dining experience unlike any other. Must be seen to be believed.\


(subject to change)

Tuna Tartare Tostadas

Sushi grade tuna served with asian spices and whipped guacamole served on a masa crisp

<vegetarian option with crispy, asian spiced tofu>

Carnitas Tacos

Confit pork served on a freshly made blue corn tortilla with a chipotle honey sauce

<Veggie option with torched al pastor marinated halloumi and spicy pineapple salsa>

Hake with Green Mole

Sous vide-d perfectly flakey hake served with a spicy green mole made of a base of toasted pumpkin seeds and fresh herbs. Served with roasted seasonal vegetables and potatoes croquettes.

<Veggie option with a roasted vegetable medley>

Mexican Flan de mi Padre

A somehow simultaneously delicate and indulgently rich flan with a perfect, liquid caramel top

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