Review of Premises Licence forWireless Festival in Finsbury Park

Update on Protect London’s Parks

As you have generously supported us so far in our battle to stop the over commercialisation of Finsbury Park, we’d like to let you know we have another chance to stop Wireless Festival and other large events.

This Wednesday 3rd October at 8am we’re launching a new CrowdJustice case page to raise funds and organise support for our application to review the Premises Licence issued to Live Nation (Music) UK Ltd for Wireless Festival and other events in Finsbury Park. The hearing is on the 15th and 16th October.

In support of our case, the Friends have filed witness statements of residents of Finsbury Park setting out their experience of Wireless 2017, identifying issues such as intolerable noise at their homes, crime and anti-social behaviour including drug dealing, drug taking, aggressive behaviour, verbal abuse, intimidation, brawling, drinking in the street, public urination.

The Friends have also filed a noise report of Richard Vivian of Big Sky Acoustics Ltd which sets out how the noise condition attached to the Premises Licence does not control low frequency bass noise, is ineffective and not fit for purpose.

If the Licence is revoked, Live Nation will no longer be able to hold their events in Finsbury Park.  If the Licence is not revoked but stringent conditions imposed, then Wireless may not be able to be held at Finsbury Park and Live Nation will be forced to find a proper and appropriate venue for this festival.

The application of the Friends of Finsbury Park for a licence review is to be heard on 15th and 16th October 2018 from 7pm onwards by the Haringey Licensing Sub-Committee at Civic Centre, High Road, Wood Green N22 8LE.  The Friends will be represented by a barrister, Charles Streeten of Francis Taylor Buildings and a noise expert Richard Vivian of Big Sky Acoustics Ltd instructed by our solicitor Susan Ring of Harrison Grant.

As this is such an important issue, many of you having sent in representations or voiced your concern, we would invite you all to attend if possible either on 15th or 16th October or both from 7 pm onwards at Civic Centre, High Road, Wood Green N22 8LE. Show your support for the Friends and make the Licensing Committee members aware of the strength of feeling and the need to protect our local parks.

The application is very important not just for the protection of Finsbury Park but as a beacon of hope for other residents suffering from over commercialisation of their local parks. The Friends are taking on the Goliath of the music industry and the vested interests of a local authority to reclaim their park for its proper purpose. If we can achieve a revocation of the licence or at least the imposition of proper noise and safety conditions, then we will have struck a blow for the protection of local parks.

If you have been affected by these issues and if you’re willing, please could you do a few simple things:

  1. Donate by clicking on this link when the case opens on Wednesday at 8am –
  2. Share the CrowdJustice page link – on your personal Facebook page, Twitter feed and/or on your Instagram feed, asking your network to donate to the campaign and/or share.
  3. Email as many of your friends, family and contacts as possible, asking them to share the link to the CrowdJustice page –  through their social media accounts.
  4. Spread the word in any other way you can (i.e., to colleagues who are active on social media or through a blog you have access to).

It will truly make an enormous difference if you’re able to donate. Thank you so much in advance!

All the best,

The Friends of Finsbury Park

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