Police Advice on Preventing Burglaries

Valuables Visible or on Display – Don’t tempt burglars by showing them your valuables. Favourite items for burglars include high value laptops, tablets, gaming consoles, jewellery and small high value items which are easy to take and sell. Keep valuables out of sight, including any boxes/packaging in or around your property. Burglars will often see items and come back when they think no one is home. Consider registering your valuables on websites such as http://www.immobilise.com. If your electric device has a tracking system, ensure this is enabled, working and that you know your log in details. Remember that the lower floors are more likely to be targeted / viewed.

P Bicycles on View or Insecure – Thieves will often target bicycles to steal as they are usually easy to take, of high value and easy to sell. If a burglar can see a bicycle they may come back another time or day and steal it. If they cannot see anything, they will not know it’s there to steal. They may look through your letterbox! If bicycle accessories are on display like helmets and locks, thieves will know that there is a bike present. If a bicycle looks insecure, a burglar is more likely to target it – they usually pick the easiest items to steal. Invest in a good quality lock and lock away from easy view of any potential thieves. Don’t think that by leaving your bicycle in a communal area it is more secure! Use two different types of locks with at least one being a high quality D-lock. Securing your bicycle to a solid fixed object will make it more difficult to take. Remember; thieves also take wheels, handle bars and other insecure items. Consider registering your bike on http://www.bikeregister.com which is free and used by The Met Police. Contact cycletaskforce@met.police.uk for locations of marking events.

P Looks Like Owners are Away on Holiday – When you go away on holiday, there are simple steps you can take to ensure burglars will not notice: If you have milk or items delivered on a regular basis, stop these whilst you are away. Use timer plugs on lamps/lights in various rooms of your home to make it look like someone is home. Burglars will sometimes knock first or look through a letter box for signs no one is home. Give a trusted person a key to your home so they can look keep a watchful eye out. Ask your trusted person to empty your post box and move letters away from the entrance hall.

P Front Door Looks Insecure – Burglars will often choose the easiest way to get in and out of your home. If the front door looks insecure they may smash the glass to open the lock or simply kick the door in. Old doors are easily broken into. uPVC doors fitted with multiple locks are a major deterrent. A 5 lever Mortice Deadlock is advisable; this will stop your locks from being ‘slipped’. Yale locks are easily slipped. If you have an intercom system, how easy is it to allow unwanted visitors in? Make sure you know who is at the door before ‘buzzing them in’. There is an increase in vehicle theft where the thief can retrieve the keys through the letterbox. Cover the inside of the letterbox with a brush cover, solid letter box or something which obscures the view outside in.

P Insecure / Open Windows Visible – Open windows make it easy for burglars to get into your home. Lock all windows, especially lower floor windows. Fitting window alarms may deter a burglar from entering. Single glazed windows are usually accompanied by frail wooden frames and can easily be prized open. If you have double glazed windows, ensure the beading faces the inside, not on the outside. If the beading is outside, a burglar can quickly and silently remove it and simply take out the whole window pane. Contact a reputable glazing company to get windows modernised/corrected if necessary. Sash windows look great, but are generally very easily forced open. Don’t leave windows open unless you are in the room at the time.

P Obscured View of Doors / Windows / Alarms – Large hedges, fences and walls help burglars by ensuring passers-by don’t notice them on your property. On the flip side, hedges or fences may prevent easy access to the rear of the property. Keep hedges low at the front of the property so your property is visible from the pavement. If you have a burglar alarm, make sure burglars can see it! If you have high valued jewellery or other items you may consider installing an alarm. You may wish to take out an insurance policy for valuable goods. Consider installing a flood light with a motion sensor at the entrance and rear of your property. Burglars do not like to be seen.

P Miscellaneous – Don’t help burglars by placing ladders and other articles to make it easier for them gain access? Scaffolding allows access to upper levels of your property. Try and make it difficult for burglars to gain access to your garden by adding a fence onto your low walls. If there are street signs or objects on the pavement which makes it easier to climb over your fence or walls, contact the local council who will be able to advise you.

For more information, please contact: twitter

Your Safer Neighbourhood Team

33 Stoke Newington Police Station, Hackney, N16 8DS In an emergency call 999 if not urgent please call 101 or contact your local team: http://www.content.met.police.uk/Borough/Hackney

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