Clissold Safer Neighbourhood Ward Panel July Minutes


Held in Hawksley Court Community Hall, N16 0UA

On Wednesday 18th July 2018 at 19:15

Meeting Minutes

Meeting opened at 19.20hrs


Panel Attendees: JA, PB, FC, HK, AL, TL, IS (Chair), MS, JV (Open Doors), AW (Minutes)

First Time Attendees: GG, LG, KH, JK, CM

MPS Representatives: PC D Brennan (Clissold), PC D Walters (Clissold)

Apologies for absence: SA, Cllr S Cameron, Cllr S Etti, SG (Community Safety Officer), Cllr N Hercock, JM, Sarah @ St Mungo’s, PS N Walsh (Clissold) (holiday)

1. Introductions:

Ida Scoullos (IS) welcomed attendees to the AGM and asked them to introduce themselves.

2. Reading of Minutes from last meeting

IS requested confirmation of the Minutes (confirmed). The meeting continues to be the third Wednesday of the month (every third month).

3. Matters arising from Minutes

* Air Training Corps – Army Cadet Force, Albion Road: At the last meeting, the ATC came to let us know that the group on Albion Road were going to have to shut. There were genuine concerns that young local people/teenagers attending the group would no longer have a place to go. Following on from this, IS held a meeting with the leader of the ATC group. Cllr S Etti then wrote to Philip Glanville, the current Mayor, asking him to intervene and we are pleased to let you know that the ATC is now not shutting. This is a great result.

4. Chairman’s Report

IS gave a verbal report.

* Apologies: Apologies were received from the councillors. Unfortunately, there was a full cabinet meeting and therefore the councillors were not present. This clash wasn’t picked up previously as the date for the full council meeting was only confirmed once the new municipal year started after the elections in May. Due to diary commitments and the onset of the summer holidays it was felt better to go ahead with the meeting as no other suitable date had been found.

* Data Protection: Due to the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) which came into force on 26 May 2018, we need permission to keep attendees’ data ie. email addresses and names for sole use of the CWP meetings (sending out of Agenda and Minutes, and other notifications). Additionally, PC Dan has asked that he can have email addresses so that he can contact attendees or share information with attendees relating to Clissold Ward. By signing and putting your email on the list, attendees agree to this and this will be the case for future meetings. If attendees don’t wish to receive emails, do not put your email address when signing in. All present at the meeting agreed to this.

* Hackney Safe Neighbourhood Board / MOPAC: Nicola Baboneau from the Hackney Safe Neighbourhood Board (SNB) has sent information regarding the visit of President Trump indicating that police resources will be busy during this period with potential abstractions to other duties. She also sent through information on a number of SNB projects planned for 2017-2018. Attendees can go on to those websites and see what has been going on. SNB Projects include: the future role out of ‘Chelsea’s Choice’ – Child Exploitation Awareness & Training Workshop, (, the Arc Theatre ‘Stop and Think’ workshops (, aimed at reducing the prevalence of knife carrying and the use of knifes by young people.

* Hackney CVS: IS has been invited by Jake Ferguson to attend a meeting on the topic of Serious Violence in London (24 July 2018). (HCVS is the umbrella body for the community and voluntary section in Hackney and the City).

* Reporting Crime: Still there is confusion regarding how to report crime. Just to remind people that you can still ring CrimeStoppers on 0800 555111 if you feel you are not getting anywhere, 101 is for non-emergencies and 999 is for emergencies. We can resend the sheet on how to report.

* Resourcing: IS attended a meeting regarding police resourcing. As we know Hackney command unit will merge. In terms of neighbourhood policing, this shouldn’t be affected. For a number of issues, the teams won’t have to investigate as this role will be taken on by other teams so this will free up time for the local team. One consideration going forward is how do we want to see ward forum panels function. Resources are currently scarce. We, as a group, are happy to support our local team – venue, meeting, minutes. One area that is important is for the police to communicate with residents regarding how we can best support them so that they in turn can support us. Generally, we need more communication with police. It was clear at the meeting that some wards are not happy and councillors are not attending meetings with their groups – in Stoke Newington we have changed and are flexible. Currently, we are happy to continue with the panel.

* Cllr Cameron report: Cllr Cameron was unable to attend, but sent an update to notify that there have been 7 burglaries/attempted burglaries in Aden Grove recently and residents are in touch with police and will possibly attend tonight’s meeting. Additionally, she had recently met with St. Mungo’s on Church Walk. They have a new manager and their residents are doing well and we’ve not had any complaints about them. However, there have been a lot of complaints about increased drug dealing around Church Walk and this has been emailed to our community safety team and the police. We would like this area patrolled more and any designing out of crime we can do would be welcome. CCTV would be welcome too.

5. Receive the Sergeants Report: (period April 2018 – July 2018)

The Report was distributed and summary provided as follows.

a) Resourcing: Clissold Ward now consists of both PC Brennan and PC Dean Walters as Dedicated Ward Officers (DWO’s). PC Valentine remains as the Dedicated Ward Officer for Stoke Newington. As it stands A/PS Nigel Walsh remains as the Sergeant for Clissold and Stoke Newington Wards. Both Clissold & Stoke Newington wards PCSO’s have been attached to a project delivering smart water. Stoke Newington Wards PCSO Raheem has returned as of 18/04/2018. There is currently no date given for when PCSO Bains will return to Clissold.

b) Other demands: DWOs throughout Hackney continue to be tasked to investigate low level crimes which occur on their wards. These include motor vehicle crime, ASB resulting in harassment, or public order crimes. Given the rise in violence the team has been abstracted on a number of occasions to conduct borough-wide reassurance patrols, assist with crime scenes, assist with house to house enquiries, amongst other taskings. It has also been an extremely eventful period, with events such as the Football World Cup and Trump’s visit requiring extra police resources. Although efforts are made to not abstract DWO’s for events like this, due to the demand on police resources, this has been necessary on numerous occasions. Due of this, it has meant we have spent significant periods abstracted from ward priorities.

c) Priorities from the ward panel to the police given at the previous meeting:

(i) Milton Gardens / Lordship Road (Estate): Support to youth community following incidents

(ii) Lordship Park (south side)/Queen Elizabeth’s Walk: Vice-related ASB activity – Drug Dealing, Using, Prostitution, Soliciting

(iii) Burma Road/Springdale Road: Drug dealing.

(iv) Moped crime & theft of mopeds

Milton Gardens & Lordship Road Estate: SNT have continued to look to positively engage with youths in the local area during patrols and regularly link in with SWAPA and the Crib to check if they have any issues. Complaints regarding a particular group of youths in the area have continued due to their behaviour. The team are continuingly to look to tackle this from all angles, both positive engagement and enforcement. We have recently begun issuing the offenders involved with Community Protection Notices and so will wait to see what impact they can have. We have conducted a walk around the area with SG (CS)) from Hackney Council and made numerous recommendations on how to improve the design of the area to make it less appealing to criminals. This has ranged from improved lighting to bicycle barriers in the park and temporary CCTV cameras. SG is progressing this. PC Dan is in regular contact with the management team at Lordship South Estate. The team are extremely efficient and are quick to alert him to any issues facing the residents or the estate. Multiple weapon sweeps have been carried out in both of these areas over the past few months. A community weapons sweep around Milton Grove Estate was hosted on 9th June 2018 with one knife being recovered. While some residents did attend, numbers were lower than expected, an issue which was raised at the Milton Grove TRA meeting as residents have a responsibility also. PC Dan attended the Milton Grove TRA meeting and heard from residents regarding issues specific to that area and was able to explain the large amount of work which had gone into trying to resolve the issues they were facing. They were informed of this meeting and invited along. PC Dan has made attempts to contact the Crib to arrange a stop and search session, but has not heard back. He will continue to pursue this, as feels it is really important to explain how this works alongside new community protection notices. This helps remove the excuse from offenders that they didn’t know this was a problem.

Lordship Park (south side)/Queen Elizabeth’s Walk: Vice-related ASB activity – Drug Dealing, Using, Prostitution, Soliciting: Night duties continue to be conducted by ward officers around this area. Several of these have been in partnership with Street Worker charity Women at the Well as well as Ray Norman from Hackney Council CCTV who has been incredibly helpful and supportive in looking to resolve this issue for residents. The issue is ongoing however at present there are a total of 7 neighbourhood teams who are facing this issue. Brownswood, Woodberry Down, Stamford Hill West, Clissold and Stoke Newington Wards all have ongoing vice Issues on Lordship Park. Shacklewell and Dalston Wards have ongoing vice issues around Shacklewell Lane. Both of these areas are targeted during any night time vice operations that any of the 7 neighbourhood teams run. As a result, there are a large number of night shifts and operations (with an increased frequency) in order to look to resolve these issues in these areas for residents. That being said it is not an issue which is likely to be removed or solved due to the numerous complex factors around it and as such we do request that residents moderate their expectations.

Burma Road/Springdale Road: Drug dealing: Patrols continue to be conducted around this area and it is included in all patrols whenever possible. Working with residents, we were able to identify vehicles that were suspected to be involved and have subsequently taken action to have these vehicles flagged so that when other officer’s encounter them they are aware and can pay added attention to said vehicles. There is ongoing work being done to identify one supplier who is believed to be responsible for the bulk of the dealing in this area. Whilst it was not listed as a priority, there has been several burglaries around these roads. Residents hosted a meeting to discuss this issue however due to the short notice and prior commitments the team were not able to attend. However, residents were provided with crime prevention booklets to distribute prior to the meeting. The same booklets were kindly emailed out following the last CAP meeting.

Engagement: The team are looking to hold regular drop-in sessions, however, the team would like feedback about what you as the residents would like to see. These can be general sessions where residents can attend and ask any questions they have or just for a chat. These can be targeted sessions, for example a session focused on crime prevention regarding bike thefts. Or they can be more community focussed sessions, such as taking part in fun runs or other events so that you can

get to know your local team better with the added option of discussing any issues you have with us! All feedback greatly appreciated!

Crime rates: For May 2018 the three top reported crimes on Clissold Ward were miscellaneous theft, assault without injury, violence. Crimes per 1000 residents for Clissold was 6, compared to a borough average of 10 and a London average of 8. This follows a general trend of Clissold being significantly below the Borough and London average for crime rates. This information is all publicly available to residents, along with detailed maps of crime hotspots, crime prevention advice and long-term details crime information on:

Contact us

If you have any local Clissold related queries or would like to contact the team, please feel to email us on:

This is not for emergencies or for crime reporting!

1) If you wish to report a crime and it’s an emergency please call 999.

2) If you wish to report a non-emergency crime dial 101.

3) Alternatively you can now report crime (non-emergency) online at:

6. Questions and Answers Report:

a) Youth clubs: what is the provision for youths? Most people don’t want to go to youth clubs. We have spoken about The Crib. There is table tennis, food, etc. but is there anything else? In terms of going out to talk to young people about Stop & Search and other measures, then suggest that outreach workers need to go with police.

Response: Thanks for this input. It is really important that we work out the best ways we can communicate and work with the young people.

b) Concern regarding burglary: Aden Grove has experienced 7 burglaries – is this the result of lots of people burgling the area? What can be done about it and why are PCSOs from this area being used on SmartWater operations elsewhere when we also have problems with burglary. This means there are now limited resources to address burglary in Clissold Ward. What about a CCTV camera, would this help? We would like more patrols. Have heard about cocooning but have not received any information even though only two doors down from one property that was burgled. Nobody has visited. When we had a PCSO, it was really effective. Currently, there is a feeling that this type of crime is not being properly investigated and instead completely ignored by police due to lack of manpower. Crimes are not being followed up and there is no concerted effort to detect who is responsible.

Response: Normally this type of spate of burglaries is the result of one prolific offender rather that twenty burglars. There is a booklet which we can circulate. This provides advice about environmental changes you can make to your home, such as types of locks on windows and doors, using blinds and curtains, not leaving goods on display, locking doors and windows, security lights, etc. Unfortunately, PCSOs have been abstracted to the more suburban areas due to the really high levels of burglary experienced – these areas are being targeted initially with SmartWater but it is planned that this subsequently will be rolled out to other areas. PC Dan was aware of a residents’ meeting but was unable to attend, but he would be happy to meet with residents to go through measures or to deliver information on burglary prevention. The issue with CCTV cameras is that offenders are very aware and will often step outside the camera. It may be more pertinent to alter other aspects, such as cutting back trees and changing street light levels. Cocooning is dependent on proximity, usually it is restricted, but

possibly the resident was not visited because of limited resources as this was normally within the remit of the PCSOs who are currently missing. Clearly ability to detect will depend on forensic opportunities at the scene. Individuals need to make attempts to protect their properties and to make houses burglar proof. It can be really difficult if there are not forensic opportunities or CCTV. At the time of the burglaries then door-to-door notification will take place but cocooning if it does occur may take place up to two weeks later. Unfortunately, the team cannot operate 7-day shifts. What is not clear is the role of Hackney Community Safety wardens and we need to get further information on this and there is a need to understand their patrols. An additional point is that it is still possible to obtain SmartWater kits and it may be that the Met are able to provide these. Need to check when it is planned to role these out in Hackney. Issue burglary prevention leaflet.

c) Speeding on Green Lanes/Lordship Park/Lordship Road: Residents raised concerns again regarding speeding. This has been raised on many occasions now. Things have been and are being talked about but the council aren’t perceived as taking real action to tackle this – there are changes of staff and new people haven’t had information passed on. Near misses don’t get reported. This was all discussed at length with previous officers. Aware that Islington has had too many 20 miles an hour prosecutions kicked out. However, it is seen as extremely dangerous and there are real concerns that sooner or later a child will get hit.

Response: Looking at what can be done to make safer. The Council has also commissioned a report – they are still working on this. IS to check with Cllr Cameron regarding any updates as she has also been involved with residents on Lordship Park in this respect. Officers from SNT to report back to Traffic. Can we have an update on whether introduction of ‘smiley faces’ has helped on Lordship Park?

d) What would happen if a car came up street and hit bicycle coming the wrong way? This appears to have been raised in relation the street by the library (Edward’s Lane), where cars/bikes both frequently use incorrectly possibly due to missing the NO ENTRY signage.

Response: A police officer would look at the individual circumstances. Up to the attending officer on establishing facts to determine who is to blame.

e) How can residents get a bicycle hanger moved?

Response: Keep writing letters. It is really important to write individual letters as well as group letters. In the case of Aden Grove, it took almost a year to get the hanger moved.

7. Hackney Community Safety Wardens Activity Report:

Unfortunately, the Community Safety Officer from the Hackney Community Safety Wardens team was unable to attend and no activity report was provided. The residents felt that this had gone in a full circle. We have had little or no input from the team over the last 18 months and had been promised that this situation would improve. We had been hopeful following the attendance previously that things would improve. As there are only 4 meetings a year, it would be preferable if attendance could happen and details provided of what actions are being taken. For example, we would like information regarding patrols – are patrols taking place and where are they taking place. What impacts are these having, etc? IS to report back to the councillors regarding residents’ concerns about lack of input from HCSW, mindful that the HCSW team may be being deployed to other areas within the borough.

8. Any Other Business – no other business to report

9. Priorities for the 5 Neighbourhoods within the Borough for the next three months

(i) Burglary/Robbery (theft of and from, parts of cycles, motor vehicles and persons)

(ii) Anti Social Behaviour (Drug Dealing, Using, Prostitution and Soliciting)

(iii) Violence (of all types, specifically knives and guns)

10. Three objectives from the Ward Panel to the Police (set by the community):

(i) Aden Grove – Burglary

(ii) Lordship Park (south side)/Queen Elizabeth’s Walk/Burma Road/Springdale Road: Vice-related ASB activity – Drug Dealing, Using, Prostitution, Soliciting.

(iii) Burma Road/Springdale Road/Aden Grove: Drug Dealing

Additional: Although it is recognised by the meeting that speeding/dangerous driving sits outside the remit of the local SN team, residents would again like to raise the issue of excessive speeding on both Green Lanes, Lordship Park and Lordship Road. There have already been a number of accidents and this matter needs to be taken very seriously. Please can we ask the team to report back to Traffic and let our concern be noted. There are a number of schools and small children walking these routes, as well as crossings which are frequently breached. There is real concern amongst residents that someone will be killed or seriously injured if this continues.

11. Date / Time of the next meeting: Please see below for dates of meetings for the remainder of 2018/2019 for your diaries. The meetings will be held at Hawksley Court and start at 19:15 hrs.

Wednesday 17th October, 2018 at 19:15hrs – Hawksley Court

Wednesday 17th January 2018 at 19:15hrs – Hawksley Court AGM.

All dates in diary please.

12. Meeting Closed: The meeting closed at 21.15

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