“Look up” at the Galleria: Now

IMG_3076“Look up” is a pop up shop and series of events being held at the Galleria (Edwards Lane Gallery – behind Stoke Newington Library).  The shop is selling donated books and Records in support of “Safaplace” a Stoke Newington Mental health Charity.

Safaplace Events previously posted here




Look Up is a pop-up record and bookshop curated by Gilles Peterson.

We’re open from September 24th to the 30th at the Edwards Lane Gallery, which is behind Stoke Newington library. We’re also hosting gigs at nearby venue The Old Church and a closing party at the Five Miles nightclub in Tottenham.

Gilles has curated the albums, books and artwork we’re selling at the shop. He’s also selected the guests we’re interviewing at the shop, the artists performing at The Old Church and the DJs playing the closing party at Five Miles.

Gilles is raising money for Safaplace, an emerging mental health charity set-up by Stoke Newington School and Sixth Form.

Safaplace aims to encourage and enable the support of positive mental health and well-being of students in Stoke Newington School through education and raising awareness.

The money raised by Look Up for Safaplace will go towards mental health training for teachers and peer mentoring for students at Stoke Newington School.

Safaplace’s ambition is to develop effective ways of improving mental health in education that can be adopted by schools, families and communities across London and beyond, helping provide support for the wellbeing of all our young people.

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