We’re excited to announce the programme for a new season of Kammer Klang: ten performance events and installations from October until May 2019, with over thirty artists and composers offering a collective distending of the sonic present.


Marking our tenth year, we’re especially honoured to present a two-day visit from pioneering composer Annea Lockwood (April). Her music has opened immense and underexplored possibilities over the last fifty years, from the elemental sounds of burning pianos to longitudinal sound portraits of complex waterways.


Another tenth year highlight will be the UK premiere of Maryanne Amacher’s GLIA (May), in a reconstruction by Ensemble Contrechamps and members of Ensemble Zwischentöne, directed by Bill Dietz. This marks the first ever public performance of Amacher’s instrumental work in the UK, and is produced and presented by Kammer Klang, Contrechamps and the Institute of Contemporary Arts.


And we’re happy to welcome two new curators for the season: Taylor Le Melle, whose recent projects include work with David Roberts Art Foundation, Camden Arts Centre and Serpentine Galleries; and researcher, music writer and Arc Light Editions label head Jennifer Lucy Allan.


Full season programme here


2018-19 highlights include:


  • The UK premiere of Maryanne Amacher’s GLIA (May). Amacher’s work involved unique explorations into resonance and psychoacoustics, and included site-specific composition as well as collaborations with Merce Cunningham, John Cage and others. The performance will be accompanied by a discussion between Bill Dietz and Amy Cimini.

  • Rarely performed pieces by Phill Niblock (October), Alvin Lucier (November) and Yoshi Wada (April)

  • A new presentation of unreleased recordings by Ma La Pert, the duo of Jennifer Walshe and Tony Conrad (December). The duo brought together Walshe, known for her vivid and embodied explorations of today’s technoculture, with Conrad, pioneer of drone music and minimalism and a legendary outsider of the New York avant garde.

  • World and UK Premieres from Matthew Shlomowitz, Rebecca Glover, Nemanja Radivojevic, Elena Rykova, Morgan Craft, Angharad Davies and Sebastian Lexer, Last Yearz Interesting Negro and Phoebe Collings-Jones, Ryoko Akama

  • Additional work by Chiyoko Szlavnics, Shenece Oretha, Venux Ex-Machina, EVOL and others

  • Guest-curated events by music writer and Arc Light Editions label head Jennifer Lucy Allan and researcher and curator Taylor Le Melle

  • A two-day residency by pioneering composer Annea Lockwood (April 2019), including the UK premiere of Water and Memory (2017), her installation A Sound Map of the Housatonic River (2010), and other works. Lockwood will be joined by acclaimed trumpeter Nate Wooley (for a performance and live discussion), as well as by musicians from the Royal College of Music and CRiSAP.


Full programme:

2 October: Antoine Francoise, Patrick Stadler & Jessica Aszodi perform Matthew Shlomowitz /  Lucy Railton performs Phill Niblock / New work by Ryoko Akama


6 November: Abstruckt Ensemble perform Alvin Lucier / Rebecca Glover & Abstruckt / Elaine Mitchener (curated by Taylor Le Melle)

4 December: Down The Rabbit Hole perform Elena Rykova / Kathryn Williams / Jennifer Walshe & Tony Conrad (diffusion)

2-5 February (Oto Project Space): Exhibition of work by Shenece Oretha (curated by Taylor Le Melle)


5 February: Shenece Oretha / Morgan Craft + guests / Venus Ex-Machina (curated by Taylor Le Melle)


5 March: Angharad Davies & Sebastian Lexer / Phoebe Collings-James & Last Yearz Interesting Negro/Jamila Johnson-Small (curated by Lucy Railton)


6-7 April (Oto Project Space): Installation by Annea Lockwood


6 April: Chiyoko Szlavnics / Annea Lockwood (curated by Jennifer Lucy Allan)


7 April: Annea Lockwood & Nate Wooley / CRiSAP students perform EVOL (curated by Jennifer Lucy Allan)


31 May: Ensemble Contrechamps & members of Ensemble Zwischertone perform Maryanne Amacher (directed by Bill Dietz and in partnership with ICA)



Kammer Klang is a series of live music events at Cafe Oto in London, presenting curated programmes of contemporary classical, experimental, improvised and electronic music.

Founded in 2008 and run by Lucy Railton for five years, the series is now directed by Emily Moore and Serge Vuille and co-curated by Railton, with Louis d’Heudières as assistant director.

Each event explores both new music and new ways of presenting repertoire, connecting performers and creators from across genres and forms and encouraging them to innovate, collaborate and explore. Artists hosted, or with work featured, at Kammer Klang during its 10-year history, have included Trevor Wishart, Mary Jane Leach, Mette Rasmussen & Sofia Jernberg, Catherine Lamb, Caterina Barbieri, Lore Lixenberg, Laurie Spiegel, EVOL, Christine Sun Kim, Klara Lewis & Nik Void, Else Marie Pade, John Wall, Exaudi, and Ictus, among many others.

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