Nightlife Restrictions Row

phil_labourThe Nightlife restrictions row heats up in Hackney (censorship mine). note Mayor’s opinion of Weatherpoons

We Love Hackney

And that’s it. Hackney councillors have just unanimously voted through some of the toughest restrictions on nightlife in Britain, in the face of overwhelming opposition from local residents. We’ll keep campaigning for a Hackney that is diverse, independent and fun. #welovehackney

Loving Dalston

Could you post a list of which councillors (and their party affiliations) voted for this prodnose change? Loving Dalston added,

Replying to @WeLoveHackney @Industria_LDN @hackneycouncil

Sorry missed this, was in the Spoons.

1:27 PM – 19 Jul 2018 from South West, England

9:24 AM – 19 Jul 2018

Giles Coren   @gilescoren

What a f**king T**T!
Kill independent trade in Hackney in your day job, swill sh*te beer in a f**kawful, world-killing corporate sh*t hole by night. Unutterable c**t.

Mayor of Hackney Unison

Mayor of Hackney


Mayor of Hackney Retweeted Giles Coren
Maybe my favourite tweet ever, especially given Hackney is and always will be the exact opposite to ‘corporate’. Will always defend a Spoons , perhaps the most diverse and inclusive pubs in Hackney.

If you prefer the uncensored version here is the Citizen’s Take on it 

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