Frankenstein, Freedom and Suffragettes

Frankenstein, Freedom and Suffragettes: Forged in Hackney led by Hackney Tours
19th May 5pm

Like a little radical history? Love books and visiting bookstores? Want to appreciate Hackney’s amazing heritage in a different way?

To coincide with the last day of the Hackney Museum and East End Women’s Museum exhibition “Making Her Mark: 100 years of women’s activism”, we’re re-running the walk that marked its opening. We’re bookending the exhibition; we’ll start there in Hackney Central, before jumping on a bus to the jewel in the Stoke Newington crown that is historic Abney Park Cemetery.

Half the money goes to two great local causes for Abney Park Trust and the campaign for the first monument to the groundbreaking equality campaigner and social philosopher Mary Wollstonecraft.

Enjoy some big ideas from famous Hackney writers who rocked the boat for reform and see how we got to where we are now in the evolution of rights: celebrate 100 years since women entered Parliament for the first time, 200 years since Mary Shelley published Frankenstein and – in the wake of International Women’s Day 2018 – see the last day of the excellent exhibition at the brilliant Hackney Museum.

Visit historic rebel cemetery Abney Park and a great local bookstore en route: Stoke Newington Bookshop

Combining Stoke Newington’s amazing literary past and radical women’s history, we’ll hear how Hackney was at the centre of a dramatic conflict of ideas and thoughts on social justice – once written off as too radical – that we now take for granted: ideas that permit us to be who we are today.

Find out how both Frankenstein and women in Parliament are both the legacy of Hackney residents like writer and philosopher Mary Wollstonecraft and how they shocked the 18th & 19thcentury Establishment with their ideas on equality.

Please note the museum closes at 5pm that day, so get there early to take it all in. We’ll take a bus between Hackney Central and Stoke Newington.

To meet:
Hackney Museum
1 Reading Lane
E8 1GQ

Places limited to 25 adults.

Tickets £10 / £6
Book here

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