at the PARK Theatre

Building The Wall is ‘a binge-worthy, 80-minute box-set of a show. If Netflix did theatre…’

The Stage

‘Sharp and thrilling’

Entertiainment Focus


The Arts Desk

A chilling dystopian drama’

The Guardian


Pocketsized Theatre

‘A powerful play’

West End Wilma

80 taut minutes that unwind like a coiled spring’

The Times


Theatre News


Ham & High

An unsparing, high drama play’


With the President’s latest move on Iran grabbing the headlines, you need to experience this ‘attention-grabbing piece of theatre’ (Reviews Hub), that is ‘lean, punchy and never relents’(WhatsOnStage).

2019, America. Rick is incarcerated awaiting sentencing for the crime of the century. He grants just one interview – to Gloria, an African American historian. In a world of ‘fake news’ surrounding one of the world’s most powerful and controversial political figures, Gloria is Rick’s only chance to tell his version of the truth.

Building the Wall examines what happens when an ordinary person becomes a cog in a regime and how the inconceivable becomes the inevitable.

This ‘hard-hitting two-hander’ (Time Out) by Robert Schenkkan, a Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award Winner (Hacksaw Ridge), stars Angela Griffin (Waking the Dead) and Trevor White (Downton Abbey).


Written by Robert Schenkkan
Directed by Jez Bond


Until 2 June


Tue – Sat Evenings 19.30

Thu & Sat Matinee 15.00

Captioned Performance
Tue 22 May 19.30

Audio Described Performance
Fri  1 Jun 19.30


From £20

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Schism’s ‘gutsy heroine is hard to resist’ The Times

‘It has a palpable authenticity’
The Guardian

‘An intriguing psychological drama’

‘As authentic as they come’
Time Out

‘You were supposed to make me a better person.’

Failed architect Harrison had plans to end his life. The last thing he needed was Katherine, a young student, breaking into his house begging for his help…

As their chaotic first encounter turns into the beginning of a twenty year relationship, the unlikely couple grow to realise that they are capable of either building something great together – or absolutely destroying each other.

Following the journey of Harrison and Katherine, Schism is a stunning new play about two people finding each other, and questions at what point does a dream become unrealistic and out of date.

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Written by Athena Stevens
Directed by Lily McLeish


16 May – 9 Jun


Tue – Sat Evenings 19.45

Thu & Sat Matinee 15.15

Relaxed Performance
Wed 6 Jun 15.15


From £14.50

Up next at Park Theatre

By Torben Betts
6 Jun – 7 Jul

Starring Olivier Award Winner Janie Dee, with Jack Archer (Quaint Honour), Charlie Brooks (EastEnders), Genevieve Gaunt (The Royals), Patrick Ryecart (Poldark), Jack Sandle (The Tudors).

Monogamy means sharing your life with one person, but what if you shared your kitchen with 5.6 million? Caroline Mortimer, the nation’s favourite TV cook, has it all – a sparkling career, a big house in Highgate, a (golf) loving husband, smart kids and the best kitchen money can buy. But beneath the immaculate furnishings, studio lighting and away from the glare of the ever-present cameras – Caroline must face the looming collision of living a private life in the public eye. What happens when the cameras turn off and the truth comes out?


By Alan Bowne
12 Jun – 7 Jul

Directed by Tony Award Nominee Robin Lefevre, starring Louise Connolly-Burnham (Call The Midwife)and Robert Rees (Ladies in Lavender UK tour).

Torch has been quarantined in a dark, squalid room on the Lower East Side of New York City, which the locals refer to as “Beirut”, after testing positive for a nameless disease. Torch passes the time alone, forbidden from contact with the outside world. His girlfriend, Blue, makes the dangerous journey across the quarantine line to be with him. Torch tries to keep her at arm’s length and they argue lovingly, jokingly, fearfully, bravely and desperately about sex and death. All the while, Torch pleads with Blue to leave before his resistance fails…

Opening our new season

End Of The Pier
By Danny Robins
Directed by Hannah Price
11 Jul – 11 Aug

Starring Les Dennis, Nitin GanatraTala Gouveia and Blake Harrison.


“I used to dream of people remembering my jokes. Now I just wish they’d forget.”

Bobby was once a household name with 20 million TV viewers – but now the laughter has faded. Resigned to a life of solitude and second-rate panto performances, his glory days are behind him. When Michael, the nation’s favourite comedian, arrives at his door asking for help to save his career, Bobby is unwillingly thrown into the limelight once again. A dark question lurks behind the laughs: What if, inside, you’re not the person everyone thinks you are?

By Stephanie Martin
Directed by Sarah Meadows
Jul 10 – 4 Aug

“Their hot, angry, confused eyes nervously darting up at my headscarf as if they’ll catch something. Why don’t you like it?”

Sophie and Sarah have been best friends forever. Sarah’s recently converted to Islam and has a new fiancé, Ali. Ali is still married to Aleesha and Sophie doesn’t think that’s right, at all. Sophie’s getting married to Nick. Sophie’s had a really traditional upbringing, so she’s always been certain she has a pretty clear sense of right and wrong. One hot summer evening the two couples have a get together. Sophie is desperate to meet Ali and even more desperate to rescue her friendship with Sarah. Sophie also wants to ask Sarah if she’ll take off her hijab for her wedding…

From Our Friends…

Rattle Snake
Soho Theatre
Until 19 May

A story with no ending; a chance meeting with one man changes the lives of two women forever. Now they both live trying to predict the unpredictable.

Spine tingling and visceral, Rattle Snake will literally take your breath away.  An epic tale based on real life stories of women who have faced and survived coercive controlling domestic abuse.

The Last Word 2018
13 Jun – 4 Jul

Are you stuck in your ways? No? Good. Because The Last Word festival is packed with performances for the bold, the curious and those who like to think differently.

Over 17 days, different perspectives and stories will take over our building and raise its big circular roof.

Bush Theatre
27 Jun – 21 Jul

“What about people who can’t make friends? Or who don’t laugh and are full of no love? They’re the real disabilities. I think.”

Agnes and her daughter Kelly have walked the same stretch of Skegness beach every day for fifteen years. They devour ice cream, hunt for crabs and watch as things mysteriously vanish along the shoreline. But when Kelly meets Neil, their cosy world soon begins to unravel.

Park Theatre, Clifton Terrace, Finsbury Park, London, N4 3JP


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