Philip Glanville Declared Mayor of Hackney


Congratulations to Philip Glanville for retaining the position of Mayor of Hackney (Image:Hackney Labour)
Phil Glanville, Labour: 42,645
Imtiyaz Lunat, Conservative: 7,183
Alastair Binnie-Lubbock, Green:   6,774
Pauline Pearce, Lib Dems: 4,846
Harini Iyengar, Women’s Equality Party: 2,659
Vernon Williams: 577
Turnout was 36.9pc

Hackney Election Results from the Hackney Gazette 

Here are the 2016 results on about half the turnout (18.6%).  The 2018 result is obviously not unexpected.  Perhaps the most interesting thing is the performance of the Women’s Equality Party.

Glanville Philip Labour 22,595
Gray Amy Conservative 3,533
Jeraj Samir Green 4,338
Ma Dawa One Love Party 494
Raval Dave Liberal Democrats 1,818

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