Three Billboards outside St Mary’s Stoke Newington

3 Billboards plus wide lock up jpg


Did you know there’s 6167 homeless in Hackney? The pressure on shelters like the Hackney Winter Night Shelters is constantly increasing. That’s why Rev Dilly Baker has put up Three Billboards outside St Mary’s in Stoke Newington to raise both issue and also money to rebuild the St Mary Centre which hosts one of the Hackney Winter Night Shelters, a Foodbank, the Hackney Migrant Centre, the Doctors of the World Medical Service and many other community projects from dance classes to baby groups. The Three Billboards signage is featured in the Oscar-winning film Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. In the movie a mother puts up similar red posters to draw attention to police inaction after the rape and murder of her daughter. The stunt has also been used by activists to draw the attention of the world’s news crews to issues like gun control after the shootings in Miami. This is the first time the red billboards have been used to draw attention to the homeless in a grass roots project and the community are sharing the images far and wide on social media. Rev Dilly Baker says she loves the idea that posters, which have been used for hundreds of years by the church to remind us about heavenly salvation are now being used to flag up more down to earth problems like homelessness. She’s planning a mass sleep-out under the banners next. Go to to find out how to help the projects or donate. #helpthehomeless#stokenewingtonhighstreeti

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