Hidden Abney – An After Dark Tour

Wednesday 9th May – 8.30pm

Join John Baldock for an after dark tour of Abney Park and to learn more of its hidden secrets such as…

A notorious hangman of whom Charles Dickens quoted “Mr. William Calcraft the finisher of the law, of whom I have witnessed several times about his dastardly craft. He should be restrained in his unseemly briskness to dispatch the felons without a bungle, he should also refrain from his briskness of jokes, his apparent oath and of his brandy!”

‘The Mysterious Lady…’The Celebrated Enchantress’…and the daughter of the self-proclaimed ‘Wizard of the South’

A hidden catacomb and the stories of those in unmarked common graves.

Tickets £10
Book here

Please arrive at the main gates on Stoke Newington High St between 8 to 8.20pm.

Please dress for the weather, sturdy shoes recommended and be careful of any uneven paths.

020 7275 7557

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