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The Cazenove Area Action Group recently did a survey of its members to ask what was good and what needed action in the ward.  Four of the parties responded.  You will find their responses below the Survey.


Cazenove Area Action Group Residents’ Association (CAAG) asked its subscribers to raise points they would like the five parties standing in the Ward to respond to. Below you can see both the positive and the negative comments we received.

We invite you to respond in any way you think appropriate to what has been said.

We will publish your replies on the CAAG network on Monday 30th April.

What Residents Said

What Pleases You?

  • The degree of community engagement e.g.
    • Cazenove Area Action Group – which initiated the ‘Streets for People’ scheme and was instrumental in the tree planting on our streets. It maintains an email list and its own website – with the popular ‘Trades Listing’.
    • Stoke Newington Common Users Group (SNUG). Though the Common is actually not in Cazenove Ward the User Group members are mostly residents of Cazenove.
    • SNUG raised funds for the playground on the Common and with the Tree Musketeers help maintain it.
    • It maintains the ‘secret garden’ at the bottom of Osbaldeston Road.
    • It runs the popular Film Nights on the Common.
    • Its Fun Days on the Common bring together residents – and particularly children.
    • One group in the past has planted at Rectory Road and Stoke Newington Stations.
    • Clapton Terrace Residents’ Group maintains a watch on the Grade II listed terrace and the ‘London Square’ between it and the main road.
  • The general cleanliness of the area – a great contrast with a decade ago when Stamford Hill was filthy and litter strewn.
  • The variety of small, independent shops operating both on Stamford Hill and in Oldhill Street.
  • The inheritance of Victorian tree-plantings – e.g. the avenues of planes on Cazenove and Fountayne and limes elsewhere.
  • The recent more varied plantings that have continued the good work.

What Annoys You and What Needs Fixing?

  • Traffic
    • Congested residential streets.
    • Half the ward being in a CPZ and half out is madness.
    • Speeding on Cazenove Road – the location of so many schools.
    • Illegal parking on double yellow lines on Cazenove and on Oldhill. Traffic Wardens pay for themselves!
    • Pavements and roads are increasingly uneven or potholed.
  • Planning
    • The Ward is one where large families live and the Council recognises the need for houses large enough to accommodate them. YET permission is given to developers to subdivide large houses into smaller flats. The profit of landlords is put before the needs of residents. The Council cannot on the one hand acknowledge a need and then do nothing to follow through.
    • Enforcement against illegal building work is grossly inadequate. Officers do not often use powers – for example the issuing of a stop order – when a ‘developer’ goes beyond what is permitted or where no permission has been granted at all.
    • Facts on the ground’ are difficult to demolish. Such breaches create hostility. They should be tackled immediately they are reported.
    • Cases, not atypically, drag on for years. Twelve years seems to be the record. Residents should not have to become substitute planning officers.
    • In the Conservation Area, permission has been given for ‘developments’ that ignore the Council’s own Residential Extensions and Alterations Guidance (2009) on such matters as loft extensions, window replacements etc.
    • There have been cases where Officers have sought to enforce and have prepared cases only to find those cases dropped because of improper lobbying by interested parties. Officers should not suffer such political interference. The law should be impartially applied – otherwise resentment builds.

What’s working well – but could be even better?

  • Rubbish collection and recycling
    • These services work well but more needs to be done to encourage further domestic recycling.
    • Some shops do not recycle at all, putting piles of cardboard into the general bins or left on the pavements. They should be required to recycle.
    • Large commercial bins block pavements. A remedy is needed.
  • The Natural Environment
    • In an area bounded by two Commons, ‘green corridors’ should be developed.
    • More Tree Preservation Orders should be made.
    • One company has illegally felled trees, has been reported, but no legal action has been taken against them. The Council should enforce the law here as it should in planning matters.
    • Lib-Dem Response
    • Labour response
    • Green Party Response
    • Conservative response

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