New Hotel application approved at 30 Kingsland High Street


Photo: London Planning

From Rio Cross Association:

Despite objections from local residents and councillors, planning permission has been granted for the demolition of the building that is now used as a Tesco store on the corner of Stoke Newington High Street and Sandringham Road and replacing it with a new hotel, with a footprint that will come right up to the street, covering the area that is now an open forecourt.

Here, for those interested, are the full details: 2017_3600

Scheme approved. Demolition of existing building and redevelopment to provide a ground floor retail unit (Class A1) and a Hotel (C1 use) on the upper floors on the upper floors with ancillary reception at ground floor level and co-working and cafe floorspace at lower ground floor level in a building ranging from 3 to 6 storeys.

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