Abney Tales  After-Dark Literary Tour 4th April – 8pm

Daniel Defoe, Edgar Allan Poe, Charles Dickens and Arthur Machen all knew Stoke Newington well. Come and hear about these literary links with the Cemetery and their tales of horror and the supernatural  connected with it. Alan Gartrell will lead a story telling tour around the chapel during an after hours session.

‘ I wants to make your flesh creep’
                                                                                   Pickwick Papers

Tour includes after-hours access to Abney Park and a visit to the recently stabilised Chapel (not normally open outside of special events).

Please dress for the weather, torches will be provided.
Arrive at the main gates on Stoke Newington High St no later than 7.50pm

Tickets £10
Book here
18 yrs and over only.

020 7275 7557

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